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The three books I'd recommend:

Loving What is by Byron Katie

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

and if I could be smart enough to read it through & have a proper review I'd suggest Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal as my first pick. It's fantastic, but above my broken brain's reading level & it also makes my brain go on fantastic inspired tangents. I've re-read the same page 10 times & I get derailed with the thinking, in the best way. :)

The Byron Katie book gave me mental tools to make me stop arguing with reality & gain mental security. The Bill Bryson book filled me with wonder about the universe & made me feel less dumb. The Jenny Lawson book has been a best friend that's gotten me through tough mental health times with laughter & given me the words for a lot of my experiences.

I love all these books. They have a little bit of magic & ability to change my perspective. I treasure that. 😍

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You should have your steem power

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Awesome, thank you for your generosity!

I'm grateful for the memory of books I love. I may have to settle in for a snuggle & re-read my own recommendations! 😊

Thank you again! I hope the books you recommended cross my path!

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Nice. Rudolph Steiner is way over my head but like you the tangents and inspiration is worth it.

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Right? I love a meaty book that takes some digesting to get through and gets my mind going.

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