Threat valve fir contec sensual

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threat valve for content sensual create publisher these switching to GOG 05-23 | 06:17 game brott  could publisher other do the same thing? few days ago, valve send love letter to the developer and game publisher visual novel in steam will content sensual existing in it. they are forced to immediately remove or censor some content, or their games will be drawn forced of steam. this case create some publisher and developer other reluctant to choose the steam for platform sales of the game. mangagamer is probably one of them. reported by dualshockers, mangagamer call the threat of valve as the thing that makes steam became distribution platform games digital questionable. therefore it is also, they then decided to choose GOG as a platform sales of the game. lucky, GOG very open to receive the genre of a kind of visual novel in platform, such as the statement of public relations director mangagamer, John Pickett the following: we have to talk to GOG about the addition of genre visual novel in the platform. this is due to the threat of valve on the survival of the developer visual novel. lucky, party GOG want to receive genre is to present in the store their digital. mangagamer plans to release higurashi when they cry and Eden * in GOG. they middle cooperation with GOG to release a nine title game other two of which has been get the threat of valve. one is a kiss for the petals ~ maidens of Michael ~ that has been revoked forced of steam March without any notification by @alkadre

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