Pins and needles

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On Friday I have my infusion treatment and at the moment I am waiting to have blood tests taken in preparation so I have a couple minutes to write. Finding spare time at the moment is a challenge but I am managing so far which is a bit of a surprise.

I might take a night off here or there though.

I said that when the second anniversary on Steem rolls around I would do a review and consider my options on how I go forward. That date was yesterday but I haven't done the review part yet as I don't have time. At the moment I am working 60 hour weeks plus Steem on top but it can't keep up this way for too long as it just isn't healthy in the mid to long-term of life.

We do tend to underestimate what we are capable of however, after several years of this in a row, I think I have a pretty good understanding of where I am and what I can do. The reason I keep Steem up is because while everything else is done to cover my responsibilities, Steem is a chance to work for some dreams. It doesn't really matter if those dreams are fulfilled, working toward them holds value.

My Steem dreams isn't just to be debt free and live comfortably, it is more to be able to do more of the work I want to do without having to worry about the grocery or medical costs. I don't mind working obviously, what I work at does matter.

I have been trying to influence my online activities in a way that will support real world actions but this is hard as there is so much uncertainty. Again, that uncertainty manifests itself as opportunities though and I am looking to combine streams to create more streams that compound against each other.

What I like about Steem is that the platform is able to flex to accommodate a wide range of products and services as well as personal activities that can empower users. It is rudimentary and limited at the moment but as the space develops, so do the tools and therefore the potential use cases. I have some ideas of what I might want to build for the future, Steem isn't there yet, neither is any other space.

It is going to be an interesting year in crypto though and perhaps my ideas will be developed by someone else before I have a chance. I am okay with that too. The world is changing rapidly, I have to be prepared to adjust with it and that includes the things I may want from life.

My number is next. Time for a needle.

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ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

I hadn't read any posts about your infusion treatments until now, and I didn't know your health required it.

Thank you for sharing your activities with us 😊👍🏼


Yep, life offers what life offers.


For whatever it's worth, I'll be supporting you and your family, here in the comment section, and with whatever upvote values my family has.

I upvote you with @emaferice, @zaclucasrice, my account @chrisrice, and all of our secondary accounts. If I can increase my stake, the worth of my upvotes will increase, and if the price of Steem increases, my upvotes will be worth more $USD (along with all of your other supporters and followers).

I truly wish you, and your family, the very best @tarazkp, and really appreciate your deep and thoughtful posts on the Steem blockchain - Thanks for being one of the few people who understand the potential of Steem (as an investment), and blockchain ✌☺

P.S. Are there any other ways to contact you, offchain, or do you only accept communication and interaction that is on the public blockchain?

(I want to provide you with some information that may help you, but I don't post information like this publicly).

I an having similar challenges and glad not to be alone! I have considered options like using more Dapps with shorter content expectations links Steemshot, dlike and Appics but not sure how they will received or how engaging they can be. I guess I continue to get the thought of value and quality stuck in my head... Wish you the best for your health my friend!

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I have trouble with posts I post while don't mind when others post 'less value-filled' content. It is weird but perhaps I have set a bar of personal expectation. I should have set the bar much, much lower :D

I'm always looking for ways to branch out in Crypto. Watching a lot of YouTube creators be affected by changes they have no control over helps me realize the value of finding a variety of income streams.

Even though Steemit isn't centralized there are many aspects that could change in an instant that effects how much money you earn from the platform.


Even though Steemit isn't centralized there are many aspects that could change in an instant that effects how much money you earn from the platform.

Yes there are. It is much like anywhere. Last week I lost a client group session because people were suddenly sold to another company and outsourced. Can happen in many different ways.


Yeah my dad had 30+ years experience working for 1 company and 5 years before retirement the company he worked for was sold to another company and he was let go.

He spent the next 3 years job hopping because not many people want to hire someone who is that close to retirement.

As funny as it may sound to some people I'm hoping crypto is my security blanket either in the monetary gains I earn or the other skills I'm able to develop.

Your 'hospital stuff' seems to come around way to fast, mate.

60 hours is a fair amount of work (not including commuting times.? ouch!

Don't burn out. Your life is hectic.
Working hard is admirable, but dead martyrs can't feed the family.
Looking after yourself first, is important.

Does this mean you have few days of 'the shitty' feeling again?
That sucks.

Steem offers many options and done properly can diversify your situation. You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend thanks for sharing @tarazkp