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I have been on the platform well over two years now and through all the rise, falls, hardforks, FUD and dummy spits - one thing has remained constant. It is the fault of the large accounts not distributing downward.

Yesterday I wrote a piece about more even distribution of stake on and I think it is going to be very interesting to see how the users are going to "spend" their stake, a stake they were given.

Besides the few that I have noticed with large votes already who I assume are part of the development team, Most people on have something but there is not a great deal of variation between them. The max airdrop was 2500 no matter the SP and it worked its way down from there. With the "gap" between 0 and 2500 not too much and there being so many airdrops between the 500-2500 range, it means that manyusers have something to curate with, something that most users don't have to start with on Steem. As said, this is also why 50/50 curation makes sense from the beginning and why it makes more sense for Steem now too.

(side note: even though you might not see a vote value when voting on PAL, it is the UI having an issue and it is being recorded on the blockchain.)

But, with a more even dstribution in play on, human behavior comes into play and we will get to see how many of the community who have claimed about bad curation distribution on Steem will actually curate on PAL and how many ill spend a lot of their time *"curating themselves" in the corner.

With 50/50 curation, there is incentive for those that don't necessarily want to blog, to not blog and rather curate the content they enjoy and consider valuable. This split means that a lot of shitposters can be avoided as they can still get the value of their vote without having to post at all. However, not posting means they can't gain from other people's votes. This means that those who contribute and build a network will outperform those who purely vote and those who are good at production, should attract decent community support.

But remember, people are people.

You have likely heard this line many times but what it comes down to is that everyone is some kind of maximizer and will maximize themselves over others. The sad thing that most complainers about the whale and orca voting habits is; if they were in the same position, they would likely do the same thing. What many people don't want to recognize on Steem is that most people are doing exactly the same thing and no distributing too far at all, they are acting like "the whales".

But now, with such close stake and so many active users with stake (since thy are the ones who got the airdrop), what is going to happen? Are there going to be active curators now or are they going to continue along the same path thy have had on steem? Perhaps, with people having more voice over content reward, they will form circles and "old boys clubs" just like many did on Steem.

The interesting question is going to be,

what will this look like in 3 years from now?

With no ninja mine and many early adopters, this should look like the Steem everyone says they want but I believe that there is still going to be the "people are people" effect and while it might look better, the generations to come are likely going to feel and complain much like the ones who feel and complain about Steem in its current form as it is still going to be difficult for them to get traction in an established community that has been curating each other for years.

But, this is the way it goes. Changes in cultural behaviors don't happen over night, they are incremental shifts in experience. And when people begin to see the advantages of collaboration instead of competition, community instead of individualism - the effect can snowball and pick up velocity. The world we come from and currently inhabit is not one where peace and harmony is the status quo, but it doesn't mean we can't build a society where it is.

As said, the learning that will come from is going to be invaluable in many ways as it is going to teach all levels of participants about how others behave and, how we behave ourselves. So many people with near even stake at this point, my prediction is that in a few years from now, there will be clear variation. Some will have earned it through valuable contribution, some through self-maximization. Which will you be?

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For one thing - it looks like an interesting social experiment, indeed. Although, in experiments, we shouldn't forget there could always be more factors in play than what we think we measure.

There definitely is more at play here I believe and I think it is going to get messy at some point.

Honestly, it will definitely bring out the worst in some. There is simply no way to avoid that part of human nature. On the plus side, I do hope that most people not interested in the potentials dump right away, see a short term fulfillment, and then keep on keeping on after removing themselves from the experiment. It's the best way to get closer to a "happy everyone," even though we know it is neither possible, nor actually something we even want to perfectly achieve...

I am hoping that these projects can add to the entire ecosystem and bring more alignment for the majority. The gaming of the system is okay, as long as most games are beneficial and the ones that aren't drive development for change.

what shows how great distribution is is the fact that i was in top 200 curators for people under 55 rep last week.

"the "gap" between 0 and 2500" is not big but it could also meen 2 years of active posting on steem (maybe even more). so it is a bit relative, but certainly not a bad starting position.

"the "gap" between 0 and 2500" is not big but it could also meen 2 years of active posting on steem (maybe even more). so it is a bit relative, but certainly not a bad starting position.

But it isn't Steem, it is PAL. This means that there are a lot more people between the mid and top point that should be able to distribute wider. Essentially, it has a massive middle class at the moment.

I knew nothing about this but after thoroughly reading this interesting piece and the comments (very crucial to enable me weigh in more thoughts and such) I am heading to

Thank you Taraz, ...everyone :)

You know nothing, Tez Mel.

Lol! Why can't you leave me alone you Finnish bread?

Always lots of things to play with here and if one is willing, lots of action.

Will spend a few hours there today to get it's feel :)

I'm on 4500. Bought in while people were dumping.
(I'd have bought more, but I don't want to be that greedy bastard who controls the entire platform.)

I missed some buys and now it is already heading up. Should have bought some and now will have to earn it like a chump. ;D

I have just read up on it and one the keychain thing lol. Claimed and staked so it was free so lets see how it goes. It is a great experiment and we will see where this one guys. More fun again.

Might yield some interesting learning at least. :)

I don't know which I will be XD

I'm totally guilty of not contributing too far, there are days and weeks (and sometimes even months) when I don't go off my feed at all. This kind of thing would probably be much easier if I was a full time curator XD however my excuse is I need to choose where I'm putting what time I have and I am always choosing to draw (coz I'm totally a maximiser with time XD) and I'm sticking to it :)

In three years time while all you smart people were whaling it up with the pal tokens I'll probably be exactly as I am now paddling around doing my thing, because a lot of the tokens and stakey bits I have I'll probably have delegated to community bots I like or to whatever small fry I've adopted at the time because to be perfectly honest as much as I'd love to be able to drop a juicy upvote on many people I'm actually terrified of the SP/stake/what freaking ever required to have a vote that big.

Also I don't have spare money so I just have to do things the hard way but that's okay I'm used to doing everything the hard way XD

I don't go off feed too much either but I hope that if we all have a wide enough selection, there isn't too much issue with that. However, eventually it creates a disparity if not careful.

I'm actually terrified of the SP/stake/what freaking ever required to have a vote that big.

I am scared now to a slight degree. Dunno what it would be like to have a million or two SP. :D

It always amazes me to see large stake holders act based solely in their own short gain instead of doing what is best for the community.

Well, now we are going to see what happens when nearly everyone is a small stakeholder which means, all are large in a dPOS environment. What I have witnessed over the last 2.5 years though is there is a great deal of "not best for the community" at all levels of the chain, it is just that the larger are more visible than the thousands of small.

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Yes, it's an interesting experiment indeed and for this they didn't have to fork the blockchain, like Weku, Bearshares, Golos, Smoke or Whaleshares did. It's still part of Steem ecosystem. If only people were more patient and more insightful, I presume some wouldn't have forked Steem at all. Wouldn't it make sense to have a Russian-speaking community Golos as a side chain? Or for weed-lovers Smoke?

Splinterlands (formely Steem Monsters) are doing the same thing but remaining on Steem.

I can predict that after HF21 some developers who will not be happy with the changes may create a side chain for their community with improvements as they see fit.