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Some days back I was having this back and forth with a follow steemian about what or who is the community.

This was his last response to my comment:

The communities are developed around the Dapps and the Dapps are developed around the code. See the issue? The communities, mention being part of were like the discord communities that surround some kind of topic genre but, don't actually have an application to peg themselves to. They don't have an application because no one built one because that requires skills and resources many of the communities don't possess. Those with the skills and resources to build the applications that become homes for communities, care about the code.

I'm a big believer of the old saying that home is not a place but a person. I was listening to the radio the other day and there was this talk about a young girl named Greta. So if you don't know who Greta is, she is a 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who initiated a school strike action for climate change in 2018. One of the major questions posed to global leaders during that campaign was: what's the point of building a future she and her peers won't be part of? If the earth is dying then what's the point of all the development and technological advancement. I want to rephrase this same question and ask developers/whales/steemit:

What's the point of building infrastructure/dapps...if there is little incentive to use them? ...if there are fewer people willing to use them?

I still stand by my statement:

The blockchain is a blank sheet. What is built on it gives it value? Same with dapps. You might have a killer app but if no one uses it, it is rubbish. And no, communities are not dapps or application. Communities are the people who use these said things. They matter more than the blockchain or dapps.

Steem can be whatever we want it to be. We are the driving force; we are the blockchain. This blockchain was built for people to use, not for smart developers to show their fancy skills. And yes, we welcome developers and development. We embrace change like no other blockchain. That's why steem is unique. Even with our small numbers, we are still a force to reckon with. This should never be misconstrued. It should be our major priority to keep these active persons who make up this blockchain active and happy.

The community is the people.

A happy community = a growing ecosystem.

It is easy to talk to someone about something you are optimistic of. There is no better way of advertising than through the word of mouth. I would trust a friend than an ad on Twitter. The thing is most steemians are ashamed of this blockchain. They like it; they believe in the vision, but to many, it is too premature to share. I can't remember the last thing I shared a link to my post here on other social platforms I use. Who wants to hear be bitch about steem? And that brings up another issue. Diversity.

The blockchain isn't diverse enough. Yes, we have dapps and different application but we pride ourselves at being a blockchain of content creators. That's what the blockchain is majorly used for--creating content. However, there isn't much incentive for people to create the type of content they want. It is all about steem basically. If steem was your only means of getting information about the outside world then you would be completely lost. I could go to my twitter page now and basically, find relevant important about what's going on around the world in a couple of hours. So the conversations we have here need to change but it is difficult because I have tried myself. It is difficult talking about anything else. However, I still feel something can be done about it. I'm not just in the best position to provide that solution.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate my earlier statement that the community is the people and the people matter more than anything else. You cannot work against the people. Doing so is only a recipe for failure.



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Communities are key as they are the way that improved retention will occur over time here as even Dapps are struggling to do so. However, the short term data has supported that they have been able to retain more active users than the traditional Steemit sign ups althought more than half of the new users come from Steemit.

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