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I think we all arrived here for different reasons. Whatever they might be I think they are valid, even if they don't necessarily make the world or steem ecosystem a better place.

Why am I here?

To make money creating content. I'm not a revolutionist, I am not here to change the world or even make the world a better place, although I once played with the thought. I did not come here to support or build anything, these are things I just picked up on my journey, and why not? I came here for far less, now I can have more or do more. Personally, I think the very first mistake I made was taking these things as my responsibility and also the responsibility of other people I met here. Probably this explains the need to police other people.

This is what you ought to do

This is what you ought not to do

You don't have the right to be negative

You shouldn't be overly optimistic

Why are you not supporting steem campaigns?

Opinions portrayed as facts. Everyone seems to know what is right and apparently, we are not getting things right, well, that's just my opinion. You see, I'm caught in this madness as well.

Last week was intense. There were a lot of arguments--I like arguments.

Conflict should never be avoided

Let's talk. We are just barely 7,000 active users. We are not big enough not to communicate. I have made more comments in the 4days than I have in the last 4weeks. So there are some positives. Some people want to shy away from such conversations. Blocking away negativity so they say. Well, most times the negative is what you don't want to hear because they do not align with your beliefs. If I said steem was a failure, there will be many who would support or refute my comment without wanting to know the rationale behind it because it reinforces or attacks their beliefs (about steem). However, what we believe has no bearing on the current reality of things and are outrightly useless (most times). Some believe the world is flat, some believe otherwise. They might both be wrong (please this isn't something I want to argue about). But I would rather have people believing in something than nothing because our belief system makes up one of the fundamental parts of our existence, even though the things we believe are frictional.

I was reading a book some weeks back, homo sapiens, which talked about how humans have built civilizations on myth and frictional ideas like justice, love, religion, etc this has enabled us to achieve great feats. And I'm asking myself today, what is my steem fictional story? what is the frictional idea that can enable us achieve amazing things within this virtual space? Many think logic and facts but it doesn't matter how factual or logical a thing might be, people won't still believe if it doesn't align with their belief system. Many at the end of this post you can leave a comment, telling me what has kept you going here.

Personally, system is serving its purpose in my life. There isn't much expectation on my path. If things continue the way they are, fine. If it improves then better. It could go horribly wrong, I have my contingency plan. So it might seem I have to all figured out, maybe that's true. But at some point I would want more--I am feeling the urge already. Hopefully, I can spend time in between my routines to figure out what more is.

The human soul is insatiable.

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Agree that it is working and much discussions has been going around but I have yet to see any “official” proposed changes to the community which is imperative to see what is the basis for discussions. I patiently wait knowing that I, like you, will have to adapt accordingly.

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Yes. It natural for people to adapt. I'm just waiting to complete paying my loan so I can go back to powering up and building my stake because that is going to matter a lot more after the HF21

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