Awesome Daily - Daily Spotlight and Daily Upvotes - July 9 2019

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This is the Awesome Daily Spotlight and Awesome Daily Upvotes of July 9 2019, from @thisisawesome.

Awesome Daily Spotlight

The Awesome Daily Spotlight is the upvoting and resteeming of 1 awesome post per day, and that post will also be promoted on Twitter, plus included in this Awesome Daily report, as well as the Weekly Spotlight that is posted on Sundays.

The Awesome Daily Spotlight can be a DTube video, a great article, amazing art, or anything that has that bit of extra awesome quality.

This is todays Awesome Daily Spotlight:

Vlog #77: "Role of 'Language' in Making Vlogs" - by @devkant79, and in this video he speaks of the importance of language and articulation, as well as body language, facial expression and projecting positive energy in order to captivate the attention of your viewers, for your videos and vlogs, check it out.

Awesome Daily Upvotes

The Awesome Daily Upvotes is upvoting of 4 additional posts of awesome quality, and they will also be included in this Awesome Daily report, and they come from 4 different categories that support mainly new Steemians:

  • An awesome Seven77 video, in support of this project from @nathanmars.

  • An awesome Actifit report, in support the @actifit DApp.

  • An awesome Cleanplanet report, in support of the very important @cleanplanet project.

  • An awesome Freewrite story, in support of the @freewritehouse project from @mariannewest.

This is todays Awesome Daily Upvotes per category:

Daily Suggestions

You can suggest posts to be included in the Awesome Daily Spotlight and Awesome Daily Upvotes, by linking to a recent post or video of awesome quality that you or someone else has done.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this report and for supporting this project, it is run by @flaxz, and the goals are to "highlight awesome content on the Steem blockchain, and to grow the Steem ecosystem by rewarding such content".

This Is Awesome

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Thanks for the recognition @thisisawesome I'm so delighted!

Thanks @citimillz, and thank you for your great support of Steem and Seven77.

Hi @flaxz now I understand exactly how you’re running this project of yours. It’s an awesome concept. And thanks for the doing it but most especially the time spent putting it all together because I can imagine how tedious this can be. But you’re right on top of it. Which is great. Thanks for an amazing project.

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Thanks @roger5120, it does take quite a bit of time, but it's important, and I am glad you like it, stay awesome.

You’re most welcome @flax, likewise, stay cool and awesome.

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@thisisawesome, nice update! I will have a look at the posts above.

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Thanks @cryptospa, and thank you for your support, it's awesome.

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Thank you. 👍🙏

Thanks for the support!
Keep up the Awesome work mate!

Thank you for your awesome content and contribution @knowhow92.