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I'm making this post today to show you just how low, stupid, hypocritical, and violent some of these pro-vaccine pro-Nazi eugenics pushers can be.

There is a hashtag going around on facebook called #thingsprovaxerssay. I found a couple pro-vaccine quotes so disturbing that I'm sharing it with you all here on Steemit. This way this quote can be found on the blockchain for all eternity. Now you all can get a good laugh and then be just as equally disturbed as I am.


First things first, "Human health is more important than your rights or even your life?" Let that sink in...

Think about it...

How can humans have any health at all if we are killed for making the wrong choices about our health? What kind of Nazi gestapo crap is that!? How can you value human health if you can't value human life? What a dipshit!

second, "Over 100 billion has been saved from vaccines." Now let this one sink in...

WOW!!! that is one of the DUMBEST things that I have EVER heard! Seriously, FACE PALM! Obviously the person who said this is not a rocket scientist. Thanks all you pro-vaxers for saying stuff like this. This shit is GRAND! Keep saying stuff like this HA HA HA!

FACT: There is less than 8 billion people currently alive on the planet.


Hard to believe but it is true.

Vaccines saved over 100 billion people!? Really? Last I checked, we haven't even passed the 8 billion mark. It wasn't until 1890 that we finally reached 1 billion people on Earth. Combine the deaths of every person who has ever lived with 8 billion and you will only have somewhere around 10 or 11 billion people. That's it! 100 Billion... AAAAAAH HA HA HA HA HA!!! I can't stop laughing!!! Can you imagine just how crowded planet Earth would be with over 100 billion people on it?


When scientists lie people die. When scientists lie there is NO science. There is no debate or beliefs about vaccines. We've got the facts and truth to back us up and we are winning. Just look at what they are doing to try and censor us?

I hope all you pro-vax trolls and rats can survive off of the minimum wage Big Pharma is paying you to troll here on Steemit. Keep saying sick shit spreading your lies and disinfo like the persons above did. You dumb fucks obviously are on a suicide mission. GOOD!!! Keep it up! In fact, I hope you and your kid(s) DIE from a vaccine.

I know several of you reading this can't believe I just said that but I don't care! Don't judge my actions before knowing my reasons. I mean how should that last statement piss anyone off? Especially when vaccines are suppose to work? Right!? That should make these fuckers laugh not get pissed off. So if you are offended, GOOD! Then you know you are wrong about vaccines killing people and babies for profit then aren't you!? Now go get vaccinated... and DIE! Rid the Earth of your Nazi eugenics supporting presence. Thank you!


Seriously, I'll happily take a big knife and carve swastikas on the foreheads of all these eugenicists. Want to threaten me and my family's life with violence wanting to stab me in the face with every needle because we know the truth and refuse to vaccinate? I got three words for you: BRING IT ON! Don't threaten me with a good time. I'll LIVE STREAM that shit to the internet what I will do to you fuckers if you are dumb enough to show up at my front door trying to take my son away. The best part too is I will do it all wearing all this rainbow shit!

Don't worry I already got me a rainbow straight jacket waiting for me when I get sent to Shutter Island.

Think about it...

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