Trailer for New Documentary: “A World Worth Imagining”

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We are pleased to introduce to you the S.O.U.L. Documentary team who came in 2017 to film for a documentary that they produced. We are excited that it will be coming out by the end of 2019. Below is a message from them with an invitation to view the trailer to their exciting new documentary about The Venus Project, featuring the last interview with Jacque:

Message from the S.O.U.L. Documentary team:

When we traveled across the country to meet and interview Jacque and Roxanne, two of our personal heroes, we had no idea that we were being gifted the final interview of Jacque’s life. Knowing it had been years since the previous interview, he gave it his absolute all, despite having suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for years. Compelled by our being so moved in his presence, and as a tribute to the effort he made, we felt these interviews were worthy of being the basis for a documentary.

While you are already familiar with Jacque’s unprecedented body of work, you most likely have never heard him speak with such compassion and tenderness, as if being shared the last words of wisdom from your brilliant grandfather. And for those who see it and are just discovering Jacque, Roxanne, the Resource Based Economy, and all that can mean for our future, their hearts are sure to be warmed by the powerful message of the film as well.

“A World Worth Imagining – Jacque Fresco, The Man With The Plan”, co-starring Roxanne Meadows, also includes a multitude of animations from The Venus Project and never-before-seen footage made available by the fact that we turned the film over for editing to long-time volunteer Joel Holt, who had done editing work on other documentaries made in-house at The Venus Project.

Because you are a loyal supporter of The Venus Project, you get the exclusive first glance at the trailer for the film.

Songs from the soundtrack to the film, one of which is dedicated to Jacque, are available here.

S.O.U.L. founder, and the film’s Executive Producer, Evan Gary Hirsch has pledged a matching $25,000 grant to be raised in conjunction with the release of the film this fall. Join the S.O.U.L. Tribe to find out more and follow the exciting developments:

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