Buy Theta or earn Theta watching Videos on Theta.TV

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I have been watching Theta crypto climb day after day, month after month ....

I finally decided I better buy a little Theta.

Where do you buy Theta ? You have to use BNB on Binance.

But I also learned you can earn Theta watching videos on Theta.TV. There are Theta Airdrops every Sunday. You just need to have a Theta.TV account.

So I signed up there :

Any Tips on earning Theta on Theta.TV ?


Watching some NASA Videos on Theta.TV ....


Buy Theta on Binance:

Ok... did some more research .. you earn THETA fuel on Theta.TV

TFUEL ... it’s up 5,324 % this year

Not bad !




Hmmm looks really interesting, please give us updates once you know more!

Ill definitely will look into it!


I signed up and got 200 coins .. Watched a few movies and I’m up to 270 ... now I need to figure out how to convert these to Theta ...

I ll check it out!

It’s pretty good .... I’m watching all the NASA movies ..

Earned 1,000 of some kind of coins already ... not sure how to convert to TFuel or theta though



Wow .. This is interesting. Signed up. Thank you.

No problem with transferring these coins to binance or other crypto exchange?

Actually I have no idea how to do that yet.

thanks for heads up, i just used your referral link to join theta
but i have no idea how to convert my points to the tfuel , and sounds there no way to withdraw tfuel to the exchange yet ....


Yes ... many projects start out that way. I’m just going to stack TFuel until the time comes that I can trade somewhere

I followed your link to join and there is video I just happen to see
Guide to theta swapping by Takeasmoke -

Awesome. I will check it out.