Theresa May's fun filled African trip

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UK premier Theresa May was recently on the African continent on a 3-day visit to South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. A visit aimed at promoting post Brexit trade(British exports) and diplomatic relations in these countries and the continent at large quickly turned into a dance fest and Mrs May unleashed the sickest dance moves. Literally.

It all started in South Africa on her first day of the visit. While visiting a South African secondary school near Cape Town, she tried to join in with the dancing children. Out came what has now been dubbed the “Maybot”. A nickname that was initially coined for her for giving crammed answers to questions about Brexit. The name has now been bestowed unto her stiff robotic dance moves that lacked both rhythm and enthusiasm. She was seen swanying and shuffling along...

While in South Africa, she was also quizzed by British reporter Micheal Crick on what she personally did to support or help free Nelson Mandela. I listened to part of that interview and I don’t think she did anything. May who is the leader of the Conservative Party has that in common with Margaret Thatcher the then prime minister when Madiba was incarcerated. Thatcher was no fan of Madiba that she even labelled him a terrorist. Here is an extract from the interview;

...And then it happened again. This time in Kenya on her third day where she was meeting scouts to talk anti-plastics. A spin followed by a grab-sy kind of stroke.

This is all new to the world and the Brits were crying out to her on social media to stop with the dancing. She managed to turn a very forgettable visit and almost un-newsworthy visit into a life moment worth remembering. No one has exported this many dance gifs and memes before. The different audio soundtracks put on the dance videos just make them more and more hilarious. The one featuring Elephant Man’s “Pon de River” is my favourite.

The visit by May to Africa was an attempt by her country to prepare itself for Brexit come March 2019 when it will take effect. Since China has taken over Africa, the former colonizer hopes to win Africa back and land on her feet running after Brexit despite not having given the continent that much attention in the past. For example she’s the first British premier to visit Kenya in 30 years. She was basically on the continent to promote British exports and rekindle “friendship” despite the decades of ghosting. And it looks like she had fun doing it.

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