Suon, adopted into The Red Road Family

This is Suon. He is an orphan that we met on the riverfront of Kampot town. He had been living there alone for nearly a year. He was sleeping under an old bridge on a piece of sand, with a little piece of plastic had propped up for shelter. He told me he was afraid of the snakes at night when he would sleep.
I took him for dinner the night I met him and really fell in love with his demeanor and his positive attitude despite living as an orphan on the streets. Over a period of investigation into his situation we concluded that he was in fact a nine-year-old orphan. He was living on the streets relying on the goodwill of passer byers and a few local families that would give him a meal here and there.
We couldn’t have it! We brought him in to be part of our Red Road family. He lives on site now and has a mother and father figure, along with an older sister and younger brother. He is happy, and tells me all the time. He studies hard at school every day and has his chores at home. He is loved and looked after. He wants to be a pilot when he grows up.
We are currently looking for a sponsor for him. It costs $150 a month. We are looking for a sponsor or anyone to help cover the cost of Keeping this beautiful child educated, healthy and loved.


Hi Suon we are very happy that you find new family and new school with new friends, we will help you to finish it. Satoshischool decide to donate you monthly payments of 150 $ starting today and we will support you until you finish your school. Good luck and be a best student. We love you.

@theredroad, enjoy the vote!

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