NFL Thursday on #themorningbowl

Hello and good morning today is Thursday.. that's the day to get your bets for this weekend's upcoming NFL games.. I'm smoking with Gandalf this morning.. going to the dispensary later..


NFL Thursday..

This weeks betting lines..


Peace out y'all.. Dave




25 steem on Green Bay please.

popcorn !tip !pancakes !BEER

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I wish I was a betting gal, then I’d be in too! Have a wonderful Thursday, @davedickeyyall, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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You sure can be a betting girl @silversaver888. Just pick a team at random and say, "5 steem on _______". Boom, done!

I think I'll join WeedCash more seriously in the future! Also I will make my own setup for posts specially made for this tribe! I truly like it. :D

Pd: Read and download my book for free!

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Hi Alaska! Don't eat Dave's stash now.

I'm high, your high, we're all high, oh what the Hell, give me 10 Steem on the Vikings!

Nice pick. Sent

COOL! I'm back in the game HA HA.

Man you are dangerously low! Better hit that shop for some new stuff.

I will take Atlanta at home for 10 steem weekly donation.