The Mesopotamians system status, week 10

This is a weekly update of the status of @themesopotamians system.

I'm back from vacation and raring to go. Getting ready to open up applications for @m-hammurabi, probably next week so as not to put too much time between the application and the launch, which will be September 8. I also expect to be adding people from the waiting list to level one this week.

Since I have way lots of SBD, I'm going to start putting small votes into all of the active posts. The nice thing about is that it's resistant to changes in the Steem price over the course of the post payout time, something no other service offers. That should get the growth of our accounts going a little bit more while most of the liquidity is waiting for some help from the market.

@doctorworm0-500 SPActiveSupporting 17 users
@particleman0-500 SPActiveSupporting 22 users
@m-sargon500-1100 SPActiveSupporting 13 users
@m-hammurabi1100-1800 SPInactiveFollowing @m-sargon
@m-ashurbanipal1800-2700 SPInactiveFollowing @particleman
@m-gilgamesh2700-3800 SPInactiveFollowing @doctorworm
@themesopotamians3800-5000 SPInactiveVoting all users

The Mesopotamians is a project to use ongoing support and gamification to encourage account growth and build a class of community-minded minnows and eventually dolphins. This project is run by @tcpolymath.

The Mesopotamians uses a six-level system of automated votes to encourage specific users to invest in their accounts and make community contributions. As a user progresses up the levels the value of vote they receive increases. Before advancing to each new level a user will be asked to envision, develop, and implement a new project with community benefit.

The Mesopotamians is an outgoing support initiative, not a vote-trading scheme. Support from our members is appreciated but not in any way required.

Users are chosen for the program by @tcpolymath in a completely-unfair and usually-opaque selection process based on what he thinks is important for the community and who he thinks would be a good dolphin someday. He's giving his own money away here so he's ok with that, but it's best to be upfront about it.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Awesome project @themesopotamians

Congrats and hope that you'll get involved in art/music as well to sustain projects

Regards and keep being creative and supportive


We support several art and music projects already, you can see some of them by looking through the active accounts. We'll also be doing open applications for a couple of levels in early September, so look out for them and let anyone you think should be involved know to apply.