Doctor Worm's Minnow-Making Machine, Week 21 update

in themesopotamians •  6 months ago

@doctorworm is part of an account-level curation and growth initiative being built by @tcpolymath. The main account for the system as a whole is @themesopotamians and you can find a full project overview there. This is an outgoing support initiative, not a vote-trading scheme. Support from our users is appreciated but not expected.

Doctor Worm is currently supporting these users:

Native SP Chart


This is a temporary minimal update while I work on getting a new data structure set up. Getting these posts into a good permanent form is fairly complicated and might take a couple of weeks.

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I can't manage even a basic table. Continued kudos for all that you do to help us track progress via your weekly report, @tcpolymath/ @doctorworm. Cheering you on with continued good wishes as you rebuild the new structure.

And Welcome back! ;)