Doctor Worm's Minnow-Making Machine, Week 14 update

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@doctorworm is part of an account-level curation and growth initiative being built by @tcpolymath. The main account for the system as a whole is @themesopotamians and you can find a full project overview there. This is an outgoing support initiative, not a vote-trading scheme. Support from our users is appreciated but not expected.

Doctor Worm is currently supporting these users:

Native SP Chart


Votes chart


Things keep moving on. I keep having less to say here, which makes me worry less about leaving this part out when I get the automation done. Hopefully this is the last round of stats posts I have to do manually.

@see.feel.write is experimenting with a power down and reinvest in votes strategy, which is the reason for their SP going down a little. I'm generally suspicious of the effectiveness of those, but I figured getting to watch one closely so I can know more is a good thing.

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Thanks for the support @tcpolymath It's much appreciated.
What other strategies do you have up your sleeve? Any you want to experiment with?


I don't know, I'm fairly happy with what I have now, it's just good to be able to observe the things other people come up with.

Once I get my total daily project posts up to a higher number I'll probably try some playing around with leasing SP, but I expect the price of delegation to fall a bit after HF20 so I don't want to start that now.


I did have one thought. I know that the purpose of @doctorworm is to build the authors but if you held the auto-vote till between 20 and 30 minutes it would build the curation reward of doctorworm thereby slowly increasing the upvote amounts to build the project further.


I'll switch it over after HF20. Right now the early vote provides way more value to you guys than the curation would to the accounts.

(Ancient history in blockchain terms, now, but that's actually why I started autovoting from this account way back in the beginning.)


got ya, anything you see I can do better or more of?


You seem to be doing good to me.

Huge Thanks from me also for all your support, @tcpolymath aka @doctorworm.

Hopefully this is the last round of stats posts I have to do manually.

Yayyyyy!!!! That will make it much easier to get all your posts out for the different accounts. I have NO clue how you do it all now. You're way more organized than me. ;)

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