The wizard is dead and 42.768 SBD have been distributed! Read The Magic Story #1!

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The first story is told!
Thank you!

With your help I was able to remember what happened to my master! I'm not quite happy about the result but that's life. Despite the fact that the wizard is now dead, it was really great fun! I personally and honestly... want to say... Thank you! I hope you enjoyed it.

The Magic Story #1

All the liquid author rewards (SBD) that all the 34 story posts have generated (At this point in time! The most recent posts can still be upvoted.) are now given back to all contributors. One of which will be very lucky and win half of the pot! The second half gets distributed among all other contributors, based on the number of their contributions.

The storytellers:

AuthorNumber of ContributionsChance to win the PotGuaranteed Reward (for contributing)
@hennifant618.18 %3.888 SBD
@riovanes412.12 %2.592 SBD
@tdre39.09 %1.944 SBD
@chrislyr39.09 %1.944 SBD
@enforcer4839.09 %1.944 SBD
@buttpacker26.06 %1.296 SBD
@amosbastian26.06 %1.296 SBD
@vegaron26.06 %1.296 SBD
@beyonddisability13.03 %0.648 SBD
@localnorth13.03 %0.648 SBD
@imbigdee13.03 %0.648 SBD
@imwatsi13.03 %0.648 SBD
@mkt13.03 %0.648 SBD
@helo13.03 %0.648 SBD
@mcyusuf13.03 %0.648 SBD
@chadrona13.03 %0.648 SBD

The Pot full of Gold


21.384 SBD

And the Winner is:

*drum roll*



You won the first story pot of 21.384 SBD. Wow! I think that's a decent reward for simply being creative and having fun for a moment!

Overall a total amount of 42.768 SBD was distributed among all contributors.

All the rewards have already been transferred!

I hope to see all of you and maybe also some new faces in the next story... it has just begun!

Help telling...
The Magic Story #2

Have Fun!

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Congrats @beyonddisability and thanks @the-magic-frog, that was truly a unique and enjoyable experience.


It was a pleasure for me. Now that I know what happened to the wizard... I can finally sleep again! Thank you very much!

And now... we can have even more fun with all the upcoming stories. What they will be about? That's up to all of you!


The story kinda turn dark at the end but it was fun nonetheless. Now I look forward to the next story.


Thank you so so much @the-magic-frog. I'm so blessed and not that deserving to win this big. This is a major help for my daily maintenance medication. I wish you all the best. You are a blessing from up above.


Looking forward in joining the next story. This is a fun and most of all rewarding experience indeed


My pleasure! A little bit of magic can always light up even the darkest times! You're so welcome!


Thank you so much. All the best for you