The Magic Story: #1 Day 4

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It's me again...
The Magic Frog

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Once upon a time, there was a wizard...

who had to run some errands to plan a surprise party for his little frog friend.
(by @localnorth)

what caught the attention of the high council of suspicious and insatiable storks in the neighborhood
(by @hennifant)

They all planned to stop the party because of what the oracle revealed to them about the main surprise at the party.
(by @imbigdee)

To be continued!

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But they all had to be very careful... The wizard was known to respond very badly to people who meddled in his affairs!


And legitimately so! In the end... only the wizard knows what's best!

But first they needed tools to defend themselves. For the wizard's temper is fiery. Then there is also that main surprise...

I have shortened my entry this should be okay now. Right @the-magic-frog?

P.S: I edited it a bit because I noticed a minor typo I wrote "wizards" instead of "wizard's".


Magic Machine says: Yes

Very creative, definitely worth a few votes (me and my bot team ^_^) , also, resteemed just to say thank you for being my utopian supervisor for some time.


I do not remember supervising you before. Did you attend the wizard's wizardry master class back then? Anyway... with combined forces we will be able to find the truth about my master. Thanks for your support!


Haha.... this is a good one @mkt.


mk... who? You seem to be a little bit confused by all the magic. ;)

Because in contrast to the frogs, the storks were already old and also very superstitious, which also meant that they fell into a kind of apathy that resulted in a deep sleep.


Hmmm.... maybe I should improve the Magic Story Machine so that it can take maybe up to 200 characters. But for now.... this is too long! 150 max!

could it be that he wants to turn the frog to human like him or make the frog stronger than anything flying.

It is said the wizard's nemesis was hiding amongst the storks.

But first they need to prepare some tools. The wizard is known for his fiery temper and may just lash out on them once they reveal their intentions to stop the party. So, they need those tools to defend themselves. Most important of all they need to do something about the main surprise...


Great idea! This could actually be of some help but.... you know what I said about the Magic Story Machine? It can not handle an infinite amount of text, so I limited it to 150 characters per submission... I was even considering to lower that to 100. I think I leave it at 150 for now but, your text is still to long. Great inspiration for sure, but won't make it into the story if you can't make it shorter.

Goog ideal.

But first, they need to have planned earlier on before hosting the party.