The Magic Story #1: Audio Version by @buckydurddle!

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Hey, fellow storytellers and readers...
aaaaand listeners!

This is just a small update on the Magic Story #1. Thanks to a fabulous, very adorable and well-liked human being, named


now also those who never acquired the skill of reading... can enjoy our first story! He's a professional voice actor and I am very, very honored to work with him. He's not magical in any way, as I am, but don't judge him! He has such a lovely voice! Lovely enough to give his life a purpose! Reading magic stories!

Follow him! Like him! Give him a hug when you see him! But not longer than 3 seconds... it gets weird otherwise.

He published his work here:

Be like me... and give it a like! Seriously! Do it! In general... being like me is a good advice!

This and all following audio versions will be available in the story archive on the website!

And don't forget to participate in the current story... It seems this time Roland, the famous adventurer, needs your help!

The Magic Story #2

Have Fun!
(That's a command!)

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