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The show must go on...

Rather recently, I busted my hoe. I kind of needed a tool like that, but I'm waiting to get one with a lifetime guarantee, because they just don't make 'em like they used to. That said, I still had work to get done, so I borrowed a bobcat from my neighbor as a temporary replacement..


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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your hoe, it's never easy when we loose a favourite tool...please accept my sincere condolences... I know you will always have a place in your heart for the hoe and that's a beautiful thing that can never be replaced, but we can learn to love again and I'm positive that when you're ready a new hoe will enter your life and you will have room in your heart for both of them. Stay strong and best of luck 😊

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Definitely not overkill! Work it!

Sounds like a PSA...

See, this is what happens when you work your hoe to hard
This is what happens when you upgrade your hoe
Any questions?

First sentence in, and I’m already loving this 😂
But I’m glad you got the hookups to get what you needed done.

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I actually have almost that exact same hoe. It's actually better than most other hoes I've owned, which I have broke. I've used it for years, which is pretty good.

You might want to consider an eye hoe or sometimes called a grub hoe.

They are hard to find but I think it will last longer than your last hoe although it will still not be as effective as the bobcat.

Learn how to black Smith! Never be hoeless

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Hope you get a new one soon @papa-pepper ! Im finally moved out to my country property and posted some pics about 14 days ago here in homesteading tag when I first got here! wow so much work still to do and building , I know how valuable a Hoe and tools are in the country, we also have to use the barter system when borrowing machinery as money is very tight as we build!! Best of luck to you ,sorry I have been away so long but will be checking you out more often now my friend!! upped and resteemed!!🏡👍👍👍🙋❤

How do you know she is a hoe?

Does she run really fast with high heels?

Duck under the table when a man in a purple suit walks by?

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ha super funny story