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The devastating bushfires in Australia burned through over 500,000 hectares of land. It’s times like these that call for communities to come together to help those in need. Sri Om community, for instance, lost one of their activity centres. The premises had been actively used by Sri Om Foundation and Sri Om Adi Sakthi Ashram over the last three years. With limited insurance on the property, the community is seeking support to rebuild the centre at 184 Kerma Crescent, Clarence (near Lithgow) so they can continue to serve the needy.

For those looking for a break, Australia’s favourite steam train, Puffing Billy, one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world, is a major tourist attraction. Located in the Dandenong Ranges, the Railway was built in 1900 to serve the local communities that lived in the hills, carrying anything from passengers to timber, livestock, potatoes and plants. Give it a shot this season. There are some great offers going.

It was an emotional end to 2019, as Sharmini Subramaniam, principal lawyer at Aitken Partners, passed away on 12 December at her home in Perth. For someone who was not fully sold on the idea of becoming a lawyer, Sharminee did really well for herself and was a Principal with Aitken Partners and headed the Family Law Team as well as the South Asian Focus Team. Sharmini was actively involved with many of our business events. More importantly, she also helped numerous victims of family violence from the Indian community. She was always accessible to us when we needed help and advise on legal matters for those impacted by family violence. Sharmini will be missed by The Indian Sun.

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