The Hive. Weekly update. 3

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The Hive Weekly Update. Edition 3.

The end of another week has come. Myself I am buzzing more than ever, reaching 80 members.

Hive on firea.jpg

The Hive is growing both in number and our SP. Rating our progress simply on the reward value is not the best way to go, with the variation in the value of rising and lowering of the market price. While we did move up in SP as we moved up the value was dropping. We managed to keep around the 0.03 reward level dropping to 0.029 or 0.028 at some points. Steem has since regained some value and we should see some benefit to that. We should be at .031.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

We have 17 member currently voting in our curation trail. and other members voting manually on our designated posts :) All members who have entered the curation trail rewards list Have all received an upvote from the group. Our voting is adapting as we grow too. One key mention to this, Is the recruitment of new members to the group. In order to advertise ourselves to new members, We have begun to utilise the group @welcomewagon were we introduce ourselves to the group members being promoted, I anticipate this to use 2 votes over a week at a 20% vote. Although these votes are going external to the group, I do feel it will provide opportunities for group growth in a positive way moving forward. We have to show we are what we say. Sharing the honey unselfishly. Let's walk tall. :)

If you would like to join the curation trail on In the curation tab, search, "thehiv" Follow and select your %

Charisma honeypot.jpg

We received a generous vote this week from @beanz Beanz does not post much on Steemit right now, But she did take the time to check us out :) Beanz is also involved in the witness program, you can read more about this HERE
The witness side of things I am beginning to look into closer, finding who is aligned with the morals of the group on giving back as much as possible from what is taken in and the methods they use to do so. As this is a vote from the group and not a personal choice. Any decisions made to vote on a witness will be announced and the reasons why that witness was chosen detailed.
Danielsaori has been added to The Hive witness list.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

Next week will see the addition of some banners from other communities, These banners will be placed in our weekly update post. The groups are similar to our own in that they promote the members in their group or offer an opportunity for others in Steemit to progress through their group. We have not heard back yet from @asapers yet on the promotion they wish to do and we agreed to take part in through sponsorship. The Steem needed is available to provide that sponsorship through Jan23com.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

As with most things, Starting is the hardest part, We ave already started so the hardest part for us has already been done. We gained a bit of momentum and this will help project us forward.
A week ago our statistics were SP level at 154 :) Our rep was 36.5 we have moved up again this week. Our SP level is now at 156.064 SP. Our Reputation has risen to 41.6. In addition to this The Hive has also paid 2 SBD toward @dustsweeper to take advantage of any below threshold votes we may get. A balance of SBD. 1.528 is available to purchase Steem when the price on the internal market drops a bit. 1 Steem is also in the account waiting to sponsor @asapers club. Jan23com has said a further 1 Steem will be transferred to The Hive account late on Tuesday to cover the 2 Stem sponsor.

The Hive's Honey Jara.jpg

The Hive is currenty looking for writers to write and publish a weekly article under The Hive account. These for now must be The Hive related articles such as this one, The Weekly update. If you have an Idea which you feel The HIve should publish on a weekly or monthly basis and would like to write them, Please Contact: @Jan23com or @TheHive through Steemit or Discord.

Discussions of future possibilities might be seen in the chat room, these are open to everyone's opinion not just mine. Our goal at the moment is to gain some power and focus on getting the SP to a reward level of 5c.

We have also opened a Facebook page, I can hear the gasps already. I do not use Facebook myself on a personal level, I do however see the benefits of advertising our group. Expanding our group to a wider audience,
(I am so lost on Facebook lol) I have idea's on how to use this to advance the group through membership. Networking is new to me though and I expect to Improve on this as time travels on.

The Hive group now operates a Discord channel
You are welcome to join us there and enquire about the group, Or please leave a comment below.
Our curation trail is now live and can be followed at under the trail name thehiv

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The Hive Name.png

All The Hive Logo and Banners are provided by @Charisma777


Good update on where we are at, and where we are going. I know it may be hard to keep a weekly update post going, but I think that they are important when doing a group thing. It lets us all know where we stand and what we need to do to help the group grow more.

If there is a need for funds, do a fund request drive, or an auction thing. I know we likely don't need it now, but we are all members. 80 members times $0.025 SBD equals 2 SBD. .025 SBD is really not much to ask for if the need comes.

I know people are going to see 2 SBD as not much at all, but it would add up. It can be powered up to increase SP forever, or it could be used to rent/lease SP, or it could be used as an award in a contest to attract more members.

For the members reading this, $0.025 is not much, and in 7 days you would receive that amount back in the form of a vote from the hive. I can give a 2 cent vote to a lot of people, if all of our members were able to join dustsweepers, then they too would be able to give a 2 cent upvote to all @thehive post, adding to eventually the voting value of the hive. (@thehive) has joined dustsweepers, so your vote will now count if it was less than 2 cents to thehive post. Something to think about for yourselves also, a very good program, and I know I have profited from using it.

I think I'm done, I had to reset my vote because I wanted to give a 100% upvote not my normal 20% upvote. As a group we can help each other grow, and that is why we are members to grow our accounts, and to help each other grow.

Actually not a bad idea. I have been thinking I want to find a little something extra to do for the team. I was thinking SBI shares would be a good investment into the group. Helping the Hive account grow will grow each member eventually.

How do I send the hive an SBI share? I have a few but am still unsure how it works. I know I started to finally get a vote every now and then from them.

They are working great for me! I have 3 shares and my last vote from them was 0.084
For every share you own you get a vote on every post you make. Limit 1 per day. I don't post each day so my vote is higher when I do.
I will find a link to shoot over to you explaining how it works. You can not transfer your shares as far as I know
Each share is 1 steem for that you get one for you and one for another of your choosing.
Going to hunt down that link for you.

Well with the conversion rate of SBD's to Steem, I may as well get a bit more of a vote then, and help the hive at the same time.

Yes that is what I thought if I sponsor the Hive both the Hive and I will each get a vote for that share on every post we make. Those pennies add up. I need to find the link explaining it for you
You should be able to click around in here and find what you need.
I noticed they resteemed the Pay It Forward post

Got it thanks, yes I get a $0.020 vote from them, and I am a believer in the pennies, they do have a tendency to grow.

Not only that. Since I strive to support my supporters this is a perfect way to do just that while helping my account grow at the same time. At the very least if you pair it with Dustsweeper you never get a zero payout post again.

I agree with you that the 0.025 is not much, even less is loved when I see it.
However, For us to succeed we need involvement. If people want to try assist the can delegate that 0.025 and it would do just as good and they can retrieve it any time they want .
We are growing too, daily we grow by tiny amounts and then a bit bigger on a payout post. I am taking a more active part in watching if people are interacting now, and will be removing names from lists who do not take part in interactions. I was going to mention this in the post, But, the weekly post I do not want to put anything negative in, My next post, I will explain the process a bit and state any names not in the list not interacting will be removed, and that the curation trail is for those who vote to all three posts.
Being new I did not push these things to let people learn about the group as we are growing now, by members,this has to be watched a bit closer. We are no longer a group of people of whom I knew everyone, we have expanded beyond that now and moving toward, Helping the newbie get that penny each week to grow a little.
All I want to ask from people is their vote :) with just that we can grow, We will reach the 160SP soon, that means our vote will rise to 3.2 value in theory,

This looks helpful

how does it work

can see your progress as i read through the posts

can I join i am only a noob

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