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When Q said that the Truth would put 99% of people in the hospital, what truth do you think he was referring to?

"-Systemic corruption of all government agencies and bureaucracies - literally hundreds of thousands of corrupt people who are owned/compromised across federal agencies and intelligence agencies by (for lack of a better term) the cabal.

-Systemic corruption/compromise of 95% of federal elected politicians by the cabal.

-Total ownership of media and entertainment by the cabal.

-Rampant pedophilia, much of it forced across media, hollywood and elected officials. Enthusiastically practiced by the elites.

-Rampant worship of satan/Moloch among elites.

-The siphoning of trillions of dollars from the U.S. economy resulting in dramatically lower quality of life for Americans than what they could/should have.

-Suppression of energy generation tech that would have a dramatically positive impact on both the developed and 3rd world.

-Multi-spectrum biological warfare against the American people (water, chem trails, vaccines) to make them more docile and reduce life expectancy.

-Suppression of field propulsion technologies that would have an enormously beneficial impact on individuals as well as commerce.

-Suppression of the knowledge of external intelligences interacting with governments and individuals. (No folks, they're not demons).

These are subjects that most of us have studied for years, but I can speak first hand that even when you cognitively know that many of the above items are true, it's still shocking to see first hand evidence.

Imagine how it would be for a normie that's never given any thought to any of these items?"

The choice to know is yours.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #MAGA #MEGA

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