Satoshi 8:39

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And I tell you "believe in me and you won't be in bondage to any man" - Satoshi 8:31
But the unbelievers doubted him, they rebuked that which was true - Satoshi 8:32
"Whoever believes in me shall be set free" - Satoshi 8:33
The crowd became violent, angered by their own greed and mistrust, so he escaped through a backdoor - Satoshi 8:34
On his way back to the Temple, he encountered a dead market, and so he threw some coins and said "You are now alive" - Satoshi 8:35
The true believers saw that there was nothing he couldn't fix - Satoshi 8:36
He passed out the coins to those who believed and ascended to heaven - Satoshi 8:37
When the world was ready his followers would open up the flood gates - Satoshi 8:38
For he said "we are the minds, we are the youth, we going wild, we going loose, people is lying, we are the truth, that which is old shall become new, the leaves will be green, the fruit will be ripe. Because now is the time - Satoshi 8:39


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Why do humans always tend to form some kinda occults about persons or rituals or whole religions..?

Why can't people just accept human nature (culture) and try to allign as much as possible with earthy nature.

Look at amazonas. What scientists call wilderness, might have been the biggest combinations of human culture and nature. Like big fat permaculture garden. Amazonas earth normally hasnt much nutrients, but terra preta has (and there have been found big spots of it) which is human made soil.

Our brain's meaning making requires a certain level of religiousity to understand/make sense of the world. With the advances of science over the last hundreds of years the old religions can no longer provide us with some of the functions they used to. So we now seek religion in other things.

This is a good 50hr+ investigation into meaning making, and and attempt to resolve our meaning crisis: John Vervaeke: meaning crisis

There may have been cities along the Amazon (since collapsed and eaten by the Amazon), with a population of more than the equivalent of Europe at the time.

And what about the ancient high knowledge civilizations?

They had religion also. It is possible that more advanced civs (than we are aware of) existed 16,000 years ago but were wiped out by meteorites, which brought our numbers down, and made us spread out and reset.
Their religious practices wouldn't be compatible or align with our modern culture. To solve the meaning crisis we need to take from the past and integrate into something new, building a religion of the god beyond all gods, a complete contradictory task, but many contradictions arise merely due to the nature of our language and its linguistics.

The meaning crisis becomes more of a crisis the more we untangle it. For example when we had developed the psycho-technologies to use abstract letters for mathematical formulas we created speed = distance over time which meant that the universe was dead. Before this period celestial bodies were being moved by God. Everything was alive, the same as us and moving by the will of God, but after speed = distance over time and understanding of forces, the universe died. Previously religion would connect us to the universe, but now it cannot, as the universe is dead according to our culture.
Our body and mind are also disconnected according to our Western culture. We have a lot to resolve. And until we do, anything pop will act as pseudo-religion and adopt pseudo-religious langauage, such as climate for example.

Agree. Though I think it has more to do with spirituality than religion..