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@mazzle I just read your amazing, very personal essay about your friend and this piece tuched me deeply in many ways.

My Mom suffered mental illness, too, though not a drug user, she drank.

When I was very young, she had a breakdown and was institionalized, too. They gave her EST, too. I don't remember her prior to the treatment, and although i feel she did a good job mostly as a young mom, and she did get out and return home, my Dad said she was never to same.

Eventually, when I was in my late 30s, I got a visit from the police... she'd committed suicide. She had made two previous attempts when I was in my mid and late 20s. She promised she'd never do that again.

I had just spoken to her that day she did it on the phone. She was saying goodbye without letting me in on her plans, I realize now. changes and I, too, made major life changes after this. Be well, my friend. Thank you for sharing your life and what you are doing to help others now.


Thanks for such a kind and personal message @wandrnrose7. Craig was given 5 or 6 “treatments” of EST so the effects were incredibly severe. I’m so sorry about your mother.

There really isn’t enough help or understanding available for people who suffer from mental illness. My father has battled depression all his life as well. And if it wasn’t for my mother, he would have committed suicide by now.

I’m going to start a writing competition that will support some good organisations designed to support people with mental health issue here on Steemit. Would you like to be a participant? I’ll let you know when I create it.

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad's battle, too. I'm happy your Mom was his support. I would like to be involved. That's awesome <3 Much love.

Fantastic. I'll need to look into the best way to get a competition up and running on Steemit and find some good people to help me promote it. I'll let you know as soon as I have it live. Hopefully I'll have it launched next week.

I look forward to that! Keep me posted.

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