The Diary Game- 08/04/2020- Day 4

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Date- 08/04/2020


Today is a special day with jubilant feeling, do you know why? Because today I am going to return to my regular diet after 29 days (of fasting with fruits only), so right from the morning my subconscious mind was giggling with glee.

So, as usual, I wake up to a pleasant morning at 4:35 AM. I took two glasses of lukewarm water and then rushed to the bathroom for morning routine. The day was dawned cloudy, and most importantly the climate has gone cooler and the humidity has disappeared and that's a huge relief for me.

From 5:00 AM to 5:30 AM, I sat for yoga and meditation. Then went downstairs to collect some flowers(for daily pooja). At 6:00 AM, it was time to feed my morning friends(birds).

The locality where I live, you can find a plethora of sparrows, one of my friend told that the locality where you can find a lot of sparrows are considered good for the ecosystem.

Sparrows are really the friends and more like pet birds, there is a reason why I am saying this. You might have noticed the sparrow build their nest around the houses, not in tress, in general. But in the post-industrial age, the houses have transformed into modular ones, that's where the sparrow struggles to build their nests.

2151 (13).JPG

Feeding Sparrows, Dove, etc

I am not blaming the modular home, rather trying to say the humans should arrange something for the sparrows particularly. Not to mention, in most of the places in India sparrows have gone extinct. And that is not a good sign for the ecosystem. So I am trying with my individual capacity to help sparrows and other birds who come to my house.

At 6:10 AM, I head to study and prepare for my exam. I always do this in this morning hours as I feel more efficient in the morning time. As the day progresses, the energy level also depletes, so to bring it to an optimal effect I never compromise with my morning schedule.

At 10:00 AM, I head to the bathroom to take a shower and then completed my daily routine pooja at home, expressing gratitude to God for whatever I have. I am not obsessed with what I don't have, although I do have my aspiration and vision in my life. But I want to be a part of the processes and the hard work to achieve those ends.

Now it is the day to have delicious food, so I spent a lot of time today in the kitchen. And towards the end of the day with Stem Blockchain.

2233 (3).JPG

2233 (4).JPG

Making "idli" in a Steamer

At breakfast, I had "Idli and chutney". Well, at this point I must say I don't have an "idli" maker, but I still managed to make 'idli" with the help of a steamer which I have and it turns out to be wonderful. I had already prepared the batter yesterday night and left it for fermentation for at least 8 -10 hours, which makes the idli soft and a dosa crispy.

2233 (2).JPG

"idli with chutney"

In the afternoon, I again spent some more time solving the numerical of structural analysis. Practice makes a man perfect.

At this time, I was feeling hungry, So I had some snacks-- "Dry fried puffed rice(Muurmura)" and "all-in-one mixture".

2233 (1).JPG

Dry fried puffed rice and all-in-one mixture

From 4:00 PM onwards I started engaging with the diary posts in Steem Blockchain. I spent a lot of time and it was really a pleasure going through the diary posts of various users from different parts of the country and the globe. And I am getting a better insight into their daily activities and getting to know more about them.

I spent at least 4 hours engaging in Steem Blockchain up to 8:00 PM. Then I took a break and started making "Dosa" by this time. It was simple paper Dosa and very crispy. Then I served "Dosa with chutney". It was a wonderful day for me and my taste buds. I can't even explain how it feels to return to my regular diet after 29 long days of fast(with fruits only).

2233 (5).JPG

Making crispy "Dosa"

2233 (6).JPG

"Dosa with Chutney"

Then I checked my notification box of Steem account and reciprocated to all who have responded to my posts/comments. Steemiting has become an integral part of life so much so that now I am relying heavily on this ecosystem for my survival.

That's all for the day. Signing off now. See you tomorrow.

Thank you.

All the images, graphics(if any), etc are my original works.


Greetings from Venezuela @sapwood

Good that you had an excellent day, I'm very happy.

Good that you feed the birds, it is excellent to maintain a good relationship with the environment around us, remember that we somehow invaded the habitat of many species and caused them much damage.

Your appetizers look great, I love the seeds, although I have eaten them for a long time, here in Venezuela they are very expensive.

Well for now I say goodbye, I hope you continue to be very good.

Thank you so much for the kind words for birds and the natural ecosystem.

Have a great day.

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The Steemit Team

I totally get the feels.
Nothing can beat the joy and happiness of eating Idly and Dosa.😁


Thank you for stopping by:)

Today is a very strange day. along with the sultry heat too, rain may help

Yes, only rain can take out that sticky feeling.

What a coincident. Yesterday I also prepared Dosa, Sambar and chutney. Today I made Idli out of leftover batter of dosa.
Really Idli and Dosa is a very popular food in India.
Thanks for sharing your day!

Yes "Idli and Dosa" are my all-time favorite.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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