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“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.” - Alan Moore, V for Vendetta
A great movie quote that has come back to bite us in the ass, V for Vendetta called the bet and won the hand. How wild that the world is now living a shoddy copy of the plot line. In the movie, a woman meets a man who eventually blows up Parliament in London. Dystopia at its finest. Does anything actually change - is for YOU to decide afterwards, or at the very least buy your own "V" mask to wear.

Today was spent drinking coffee and writing, not necessarily in that order but with all the veracity I was able to align for the occasion.

Dear Diary - Wednesday dreaming brings Thursday Travel!

Today passed in a blur. Literally a blur. I seem to recall tumbling out of bed at 6:09 AM, running downstairs for breakfast, then out the door to meet a friend for coffee.

Coffee chats are always well worth the moment spent. As much for the insights as the conversational exploration of lives and people. In this occasion we talked about giants, cannabis, aliens and coffee. I brought my puppy with me so we could walk home together.

Training Rocky seems to be going well. I am trying to avoid pulling wars instead trying to make it fun for him to walk, while allowing him ample time to explore and understand this world he lives in. At 8 weeks, he is starting to get leggy, more energetic and has almost discovered how to jump up onto things.

My favorite secret cafe was a niche of sunshine and chatter in a day of clouds and ash fall. Our friendly neighborhood volcano has gone from little toots like the reluctant farts of a society woman, to the voluptuous whale call of a trailer park queen. In other words, it looks like the only thing missing is a bit of lava.

PHOTO CREDIT: Alcaldía de Manizales

At 1:00 I wandered on home to eat lunch. Rocky is a little trooper. He is slowly getting better on the leash, and peeing outside. Now if I can get him to poop outside (again), I will be in a good place. #puppytraining

Dinner/Lunch was an arepa with costeño cheese and avocado slices. On the side some steamed eggs and a dash of not-soy coco-aminos sauce. It was delicious!

After lunch I posted about the cabalgata, or horse ride that I am organizing for October 17th - 18th. The mayor of the pueblo, el alcalde, has given us his blessing to come and do the ride. The rest of the afternoon was spent sharing pictures and description in Facebook groups, answering questions and walking the dog.

My pictures aren't as fun as they usually are - sorry for that. They are all mine except where otherwise stated.

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Ese evento de paseando con caballos será un éxito, me encanta lo que estas creando y haciendo, además que Rocky va aprendiendo cada día como ser la mejor compañía. Hermoso Volcán...
Un fuerte abrazo, que te vaya muy bien en tu salida de hoy.


Hola Margarita! Muchas gracias por tus buenos deseos. Dios quieres que todo sale bien. Es la hora hacer cosas, no para escondernos! Un fuerte abrazo! #onepercent #colombia #fistbump

only last night did myself and a friend watch "V".
entertainment or documentary?
we both asked.

I have turned a few others onto V lately as well. Creepy. I saw it at least twice when it was in the theater - and that was like 15 years ago.

the wychowski brothers sequel to matrix trilogy.
hugo weaving is great in it, as he never shows his face.
rare for an actor to do that.
alan moore also wrote the watchmen graphic novel, amongst others.
he was an inspiration to and part fund contributor , to the occupy london movement a few years back.
life imitates becomes life....