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The last day of four consecutive holidays.



It was a cloudy sky, so I didn't go out and went to the park one block from my house. A place to take a walk early in the morning.


I was surprised when I entered the park grounds. There were a lot of people on the lawn. They were relaxing, eating and drinking, setting up awning tents and spending their time freely. I have never seen so many people in this park.



As I wrote here before, this park under the jurisdiction of Shinjuku Ward was reopened in June after construction. A cozy diner and Starbucks have been added, and the lawn has been renewed. These businesses are in collaboration with private companies. This is clearly a success story.




I have lived in near here for 15 years. I bought a room in a new condominium, but I bought it more than a year before the condominium was completed.

It may be only in Japan, but in the case of a large property such as a high rise apartment , sales will start long before the condominium is completed, and customers will buy the property just by visiting the model room, pamphlet, and explanation of the sales person. I will. Come to think of it, it's risky to shop for at least 30 million yen (about $ 285,714). But that's what it is.


For that reason, I sometimes visited the construction site of the apartment and watched the progress of the construction.
At that time, and even after moving in, the area was a quiet town dotted with houses and shops. This park was also a dark forest with thick trees. When I was forced to pass the park, I was nervous.



At that time, there was an area in the park where homeless people lived in tents. Some homeless people used benches as their homes. Authorities disliked it and set up a divider in the middle of the two-person bench to prevent them from lying on the bench. It was very uncomfortable to use taxes to install such things.


In other words, at that time, the park wasn't running well.



In recent years, the number of high rise apartments has increased and the population has also increased. First of all, playground equipment for children was renewed in the park. I remember being amazed at how small children and their parents gathered in the park and made it look like a "ordinally" park.



And with this renewal, it really became a place for neighbors. I'm happy to see people spending their time freely.


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A very good place to spend our idle time. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment. It's a little far, but you can walk from Shinjuku station, so please come when it's sunny!

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