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Farmer and fertilizer

Both the manure and the fertilisers are very important in the farm. The combination of the two are very effective and durable in the soil for consumption by the crops. Organic manure has got very many advantages in the farms. It contains nutrients that takes a lot of time in the soil as it is released gradually to the crops. It binds the soil particle which may not be done by the chemical fertiliser. It also has a good water retention ability unlike the fertilisers. Though the organic manure is very bulky, it is very important to the farms.On the other hand, fertilisers are very light but contains a lot of minerals that are needed by the crops. A combination of both organic manure and chemical fertilisers is very good since the crops get all the required nutrients while at the same time the soil structure is maintained. Therefore the farmers use the mixed manures and the fertilisers to increase the production in the farm.


Fertilizers and Manure are plant food. When a plant grows,it takes nutrients out of the soil, and those nutrients have to be replaced so the next crop has enough to “eat”. The three main nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, and then there are many micro-nutrients like sulfur, zinc, magnesium etc. Fertilizer an manure replace these, though manure is just a form of fertilizer.


Farmers add fertilisers and manures to the field because fertilisers and manure conserves and enriches the fertility of the soil. When plants are grown again and again on the same soil, the soil becomes deficient in nutrients. Thus it is necessary to replenish the soil with these nutrients.
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Durable for the soil only if the organic manure is used. Contrary to the popular belief, it is the excessive use of chemical fertilizer that is not just damaging the fertile land, damaging the crops too. Therefore I would say "go organic".

My friend, don't take me otherwise, it is not an offence, I would encourage you to detail your daily activities in the form of a diary post. What I can read this post more about an informative post of fertilizer and manure and less about a diary game post. Please don't take it otherwise, I am encouraging you here.

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