THE DIARY GAME : 08/08/2020 | Fun-Filled Saturday

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So today been Saturday, I had plans to go see someone before going to work since I know my boss won’t be around and I am expected to be in the office by 10 am. So I woke up by 8:00 am, did my chores, and went to take my bath. I had a delay in picking my choice of clothing since I wasn’t planning to lose my hair and combed.


I actually told us in my previous post that I loosed my hair and weaved it myself when I got home so it doesn’t get tangled when combing the next day. So since I am not planning to lose the little weaving I made myself,


I ended up looking like this to work since I wasn’t planning to comb the hair.


I got to my friend's place who sews clothe and I took this picture before heading out to check on the planned person.


When I got to her place, she wasn’t home. I decided to call a colleague of mine who said he was still home. So I went there and had to wait for the rest of the people that will be going office together. When we were completed, we headed down to the office together.


Got to the office and my boss wasn’t in and decided to take some pictures.


Waited for my boss to come back, gave us instructions on what to do then we started working.

When we were done, we had to wait for my boss to come back before heading home together.

Got home 8:30 since it was announced that the lockdown has been shifted to 10’oclock so I was not afraid of getting stuck in the road.

Got home and bam! my mum was home and prepared a sumptuous meal. Afang Soup which I ate with fufu (Gnetum Africana and cassava flour).

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After eating, I then went to take my bath and dressed for the night, then sleep came calling.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you soon.

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You look very pretty my dear and sure had a fun filled day. The hair is natural right??,I would love to know what creams and conditioner you are using.

I love afam soup,I can't last a day without having soup atleast once. Great post and I look forward to your next post.😁😁

#steemnigeria #onepercent

Thanks, dear for the complement. Yeah, it natural. Do not have a conditioner yet but hoping to get a good one for my hair type and I use Ori for my hair cream.

Jeez, everyday afang? then you must be a lover of afang.
Thanks once again.

Ohh I know the ori cream and it's great.

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