The Daily Manwich - Bagel God - [ft. Holy Eggs]

in thedailymanwich •  14 days ago


  • Holy Sesame Seed Bagel
  • Holy Eggs
  • Holy Lone Bacon Strip
  • Holy Avocado
  • Holy Onion
  • Holy Cheddar
  • Holy Mayo
  • Holy Sriracha
  • Holy Saly
  • Holy Pepper
  • Holy Spices
  • A Holy Spirit


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Indeed :)

Holy Moly. I'll admit without being asked that I can NEVER handle stacked sandwiches like that. They always fall apart and slide all over the place after my first attempt at a bite. After frowning and realizing I do it every time, I pick up the pieces and try to enjoy what's left of the stack. Have you published a guide on how to properly enjoy one of these stackers?


Oh it definitely turns out that way sometimes. You've got to find a balance between just enough and too much inside...

Also, crushing the entire sandwich before eating helps, or cutting it in two ;)

Feeling hungry

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