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The Bird flying from a child’s hand

The Oculus at the World Trade Center Transportation Center is such a cool building to see


Let me start with a shot inside it from a while back not long after it opened and was fairly quiet in the morning but still a good amount of people heading through there to and from there trains of subway rides

Here is a shot of the Oculus Exterior


It definitely wasn’t ideal light the morning I got this shot but it does give a feel for the cool design of this building

The Oculus Opened on March 4th 2016 and was named the Oculus but also the World Trade Center Transportation Hub has stations for the PATH train from Jersey City and Hoboken as well as a subway stop for a few lines and easy access to the Fulton Station for more lines.

The Oculus was designed by a Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava and it includes the train Station and a large mezzanine under the September 11 Memorial plaza

The Design apparently is the architects vision is to resemble a bird flying from a child’s hand and from some angles I can see that


This shot shows one of the Wings with the World Trade Center tower 1 in the background

And now lets go back inside the Oculus


I loved the design and light in this corridor

and will finish when I started back in the main Concourse and a more recent photo


And that ends my little post about the Oculus

**Any other sites in NY you would like me to get shots of and do a post let me know in a comment **

These photos taken by me using a Sony A6500 mirrorless camera

alliance JJ.jpg

!steemitworldmap 40.711198 lat -74.011022 long The Oculus World Trade Center Transportation hub NYC d3scr

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Wow, ​I thought on the first picture that the Interior looks cool but the second picture totally changed my mind.

I think it is a pretty amazing building bot inside and out myself

But you have to agree the outside looks spectacular.

Ohh yes I do I have more shots of it to edit ye from different angles

Wow, that is really cool looking. From the angle, I see it at It looks like the end of a whales tail but I love what the designer had in mind. Great pictures, superb as always.

Thanks for the visit
I really like the design of this place
First time I saw it I thought of a whale tail also

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Thanks tip!

I'd never heard of this before. How beautiful. Thanks for showing it off.

Cool architecture! Thanks for taking us along.

With everything currently in the media related to the U.S. flag, your photo caught my eye yesterday. After opening the post I automatically did an Upv & Rsd @tattoodjay Returning to comment. First of all, terrific gallery! I like the effect of the lighting in the second image. We just missed the Oculus when we visited NYC last year; definitely adding it to our to-list for the next vacation. Bet it will look incredible with a bit of snow covering the exterior!

Thanks kindly
It’s well worth seeing for sure

That’s a good point I must get there in Winter after or during snow would be such a cool shot

Wow. I had no idea it looked like this, have heard about it but so cool to see for real 😆
That must have been a great experience my friend. I have to go there someday.. Lol
Love those pictures

Thanks I am yet to get a photo of the whole outside that I like I need to go back and get more,

And its well worth a visit :)

wonderful construction.

Isn’t it such a cool building thanks for the visit

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Thanks I think

I had never seen this before. I really think its cool looking!

Thanks I think it’s a real cool design both inside and out