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The Alliance - Hidden Treasures 0.2

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First of all this type of post was brought up during #thealliance discussion the week before last and is only my second attempt to promote #thealliance and it's undervalued post. I'm hoping from here on out it will be a daily feature. Tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like, and tell me what you hate so I can improve this post's content and format in the future.


@pandamama has created an excellent post on her trip to the market for fruits and veggies Monday. I'm hoping she saved some pictures for @dswigle's always enjoyable #marketfriday. In it, she found some delicious looking fruits and vegetables (obviously) and maybe drops a hint on a future Iron Chef post??? At only 10 views and $0.49 I feel this post is greatly undervalued.



@ninahaskin Day #1 Seven Day B&W Challenge - "Sideview Mirror" photograph is awesome.

@tanglebranch probably would have won today, but she received an @ocd nomination for her post. The struggle of seeing that perfect picture and being able to replicate that beauty using a cell phone is real. Hate to break it to you, but unless you have a DSLR and telephoto lens you'll never get a photo like this.


If you're a member of #thealliance either core or syndicate and feel you have an undervalued post let me know. It may be featured in tomorrow's post!

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I appreciate these posts and try to give them a little love.


Thanks for supporting them!

Good work on this I can send some love from me and tyedyefirepower!


Awesome @armshippie thanks for supporting these folks.

Hahaha!! STUPID CAMERA! Thanks for mentioning me, @gniksivart!


Haha my friend has a zoom lens (sigma) and he takes pictures like these all the time and rubs them in my face so I know how it feels.

That picture of the moon is really awesome!!

Feels like the moon is glittering XD



Thanks wish I could take credit for it.

Great work putting this together


Well done for creating this from the discussions! You have a tip! from me because my voting power is low. It's worth more than my vote anyway. LOL! I would like to this one get more Upvotes, because ALL the SBD will be going towards the rewards in my next wiwcontest starting on December 17th after I return from vacation!

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Thank you so much for the mention of my post alongside the others!!! @gniksivart


No problem! I think you made a typo ;)


Fixed it - thank you!