🤗Witty's Huggaboo👻 (The Biggest Heart on the Blockchain)

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has been supportive of all her friends - and even people she doesn't know - ever since I've known her. That's not to say there aren't other generous and giving people out here, because in #thealliance family alone, they are quite abundant. I'm writing this to thank her and let her know that I'm probably not the only one that thinks the world of her. I know she sends out care packages on a regular basis because that's who she is. And, (I) we love her for that among many other qualities.

Care Package!

One thing that we like to send to each other is various foods. I sent her some jerky a while back and now she's hooked on that LOL! This time, she sent me an interesting goodie that has flavors I would have never thought to combine. I'm not going to pretend I know how to say what they are, but they are frig'n amazing! It's a licorice gummy candy coated in sour sugar! (She knows I love sweet and sour.) Finally! A candy my kids won't eat before I can enjoy it! LMAO! I say that because I let them all try one and they made some comical faces. Luna said she liked them, but has yet to ask for another, HA!

The Death Star!!

Anything Star Wars is badass. She knows I'm a huge fan and also knows I am a hateful smoker. Meaning, I hate that I smoke, but we all have our vices. Her heart, as usual, was in the right place as she sent this along with some other shiny things. Did I say shiny things? Oh ya, I almost forgot -

Fuck YA!!!

Not only is she my Huggaboo, but she is also my precious metals P.I.M.P.! Now, seeing as to how some of my followers are stackers and I'm in the clan myself, I will have to make a separate post detailing those sexy ass mother fuckers giving them the proper attention they deserve. This is mostly to honor Sass and say thank you, so, thank you. I don't know how you do it. I do know that you REMEMBER TO BE YOU! And I love you for it!

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She is amazing and I got the same candies!!! They were CRAZY good!!!!!!

I didn't think I liked black licorice, but combined with the sweet and sour mmmmmm

I was so sad when they were gone lolol

She really is the most generous person on the blockchain! For sure!!!

Sending love to you both!

I like them so much I have limited myself to one a day! I love you too Dreemy! Wish you had more time to spend with us, I know life is life though. Having my own interruptions as of late too. Mostly connection issues. I haven't even had a landline (which I use to talk to moms and pops) in over a week. My phone company is ass. Good to see you! Hugs and all that fuzziness!


Awww... You make me blush and smile bigtime 😊
Your welcome and you deserve to get spoiled... Glad you liked it 😉
Just sorry about the miss in what that death star really was 🙈 still feel a bit ashamed.... Lol
I thought the candy was something you like so now that I know you do..I send ya some more 😋

Thank you for such kind words and Im proud to be your silver PIMP and huggaboo 🤗😘 we been through much together and you are such an amazing person... You dont even know!
Thank you for being YOU and all YOU do for me as well...means alot.

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Awwww... love a bit of LOVE!!!! Xxx

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yeah she is engine, she's adorable.
By the way, do you know each other engine? Is she lives near from where you live?

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Thats a great care package from a great person. Aersome gifts Witty.

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That's quite the care package. She's amazing, it's true.

What an amazing gal @saffisara is! Great job on this shoutout! She is deserving! Have a great Sunday @enginewitty, take care.

Totally is, gotta love her and what she does give. Lot of things she could do but instead chooses to bounce around the chain with everyone!

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Sass is simply amazing. I wish she lived closer or I had more money LOLL

She is truly beautiful inside and out. We are so lucky to know her.

Really are sis, really are.

I wish I lived closer to and then I would hug you every Day and telling you how incredlebly AMAZING you are 🤗❤️🤗🌹🤗
And bake with you in The middle of The night and whatnot 😁 lol
Love you @snook 😘❤️