So. Hard Fork Twenty. - Day 205 - (Semi) Daily Haiku - Or, how to take a thriving community and stop in its tracks

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So. Hard Fork Twenty.
Promise of a better ex . . .
perience. Maybe.

It's funny, the way the human mind works, and sometimes mine in particular.

Because in reading all the comments and complaints about the implementation of Hard Fork 20, what kept coming back to my mind was the administration of George Bush the Elder, who took over a thriving economy from his predecessor and managed to grind. it. to. a. halt. In a short period of time.

Which takes some doing. And is not considered an accomplishment. At all.

And then his son's administrations did pretty much the same thing, in a completely different way, for different reasons. Also not an accomplishment.

So from my perspective, as a non-developer, HF20 at the moment is looking to me pretty much like a typical Windows 10 forced update, that you can't stop and don't want, that you're told will improve things, but actually winds up breaking a whole lot of collateral things that had been working flawlessly, up until it unceremoniously shoved them off the side of the hill.

So, while I've been diligently working for the better part of a year to build up my SP and reputation, so as to never run into the situation of no bandwidth and no voting power that I contended with when first coming to Steemit, I am now at least temporarily pretty much back where I started, with a vague promise that no, really, it will get better.

Uh huh. That's what Microsoft says. Which is why I'm switching to Linux.

And I can't help but wonder just how many Steemians we just lost -- again -- despite everyone agreeing that we need to be doing what we can to retain users, not scare them off the platform permanently. Sigh.

So from one perspective, I'm finding it hard to convince myself that HF20 has helped in any way, much less that the devs actually know what they're doing, since in all the build up I read before the fact, which was quite a bit, this cl%st@rf&ck was never even anticipated, much less expected. And I certainly don't recall any warnings.

Then again, as one who tries to keep an open mind and keep my own options open, as well as to (try to) refrain from judging too quickly, I am reminded of the following:

The Mind that Perceives Limitation is the Limitation - Buddha.jpg

So yeah. That. I own that, far more often than I care to admit.

I would love to credit the maker of the above meme, but I don't even recall who sent it to me, at least a dozen years ago or more, much less whether it was on FB, in an email, or what the context was at the time.

I'm guessing it was likely a member of my meditation group, and I'm thinking may well have even been before I met Marek, which would put it to fourteen years plus. And of course, aside from the attribution to Buddha, it is unsigned.

So to the unknown creator of the above meme: thank you for your creativity, for your artistic sense, and for the oft-needed reminder, that yes; opening ourselves to the possibilities that that which we perceive to be negative, or even just less-than-desired, may not only have a positive outcome in the end, but may lead us to far greater possibilities than could have existed without that reality having come into our lives.

So I remain hopeful that the developers are correct, that HF20 will be positive for everyone in the end, and I certainly understand the devs need for the changes to provide them with the needed flexibility that they haven't had in the past.

Having studied biology and life science for most of my life, I know that the ability to adapt to change is a far more important predictor of success than strength, or even intelligence, as an inability to adapt is pretty much a death sentence over time.

Which is why we humans have been so very successful: we readily adapt to change, at least if we are healthy and at our best.

Let us hope that, in a year's time, we will look back on these few days as simply a minor glitch in the growing pains, on the road to a more stable, widely-used blockchain, with ever-more functionality and a continually growing -- and largely retained -- user base.

Thanks to all the devs and witnesses for all your diligence and hard work. I for one, despite my recent frustration, appreciate you all, and understand that the tasks you are accomplishing are not easy, or sometimes even predictable.

Thank you.

This post, and all those from now until the end of 2018, I am dedicating to the work of #tarc and #yah, aka @rhondak's nonprofit dog rescue and @sircork's charity @youarehope.

Half the liquid proceeds earned from my posts will be evenly split between the two organizations.

The photo above was taken by me using my Samsung Note 8 smartphone.

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I love how you compared HF20 to "administration of George Bush the Elder". Amazing!

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