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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 37 - Steem Tools

in #the100daysofsteem10 months ago

Hi Steemit!

These tools are disabled but atm present on the website when not logged in (new users and visitors see this)

* Please remove these third-party services from the sign up page.

* When not logged in, the welcome to Steemit link brings you to a page were on bullet point 5 is promoted.

Tools I would like to see on and

  • Easy SP delegation to other users in Steemitwallet
  • Option to lease or lease out SP to/from other users, (Stinc.?), (like dlease)

The most tools that left or about to are auto voters and bots. I am not sure if I want these to be improved or to stay. IMO, bots, auto votes, auto comments, auto this, auto that, has nothing to do with building a social platform. Bots aren´t social creatures.
The reason engagement is a problem is because we are used to do nothing. For every little task that requires empathy and some social skills, there is a bot that does that for you.

Sincerely yours, Ciska