What I Would Do As President For A Day

To be fair I don't think a president has as much power as we think they do and has a lot to answer for and get through to make any sort of real decisions. A time limit of 24 hours to make a difference would be extremely tough so I guess I would have to focus on drafting new legislation to try and push changes and then make y proposal public to get some support and drive change for the country.

South Africa is a country filled with potential and we simply need to get back to harnessing what we have before we focus on the outside so I would focus on changing government and monetary policy.

Cape Town

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Limiting the size of government

If there's one country where you can clearly see that the government isn't able to handle anything of the magnitude that needs to be implanted for the greater good of the country, then its the South African government.

I would limit the size of government, remove provincial government, cut down on ministers and deputy ministers and create legislation for business to take over a lot of the functions of government and focus more on regulatory oversight and not trying to implement.

Instead of having state-owned enterprises, I allow for more privatisation with the government being a stakeholder in several of the companies that provide public service, as a passive stakeholder they can generate revenue without cocking up operations.

Separating state and money

I would open up money to have competition and make Bitcoin legal tender in the country, I would also use it as well as gold to create a peg for fiat and slowly start removing debt from the country and ensure we focus on velocity of money and deflating money and reducing debt in a healthy manner.

This should help price inflation and wages start to close the gap and improve the overall standard of living by giving ordinary South Africans more purchase power over time.

Remove taxes

Since the government would be shareholders in various companies they would have an interest in making sure companies and small businesses flourish. Instead of taxing citizens to death, they should allow citizens more of their disposable income to spend on these businesses.

I would reduce a lot of the income taxes, sin taxes, petrol levies and TV licencing and create new models that benefit society and not just force people to give up their income for the so-called greater good.

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