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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 5 - The Diary Game - The Shopping Game - Building Community

in #the1000daysofsteem6 months ago

With great pleasure, I'm seeing quite a few interesting things inside the Steemit platform.

Previously, in the past, I had felt very unmotivated to publish within Steemit, because after making some impeccable presentations in my posts, with excellent spelling and where it took me almost six hours or sometimes more, the support of the big ones was practically null and I could see that there were very bad publications that exceeded 100 or 200 SBD, simply because I was a friend of a whale.

That discourages anyone.

But lately many of my colleagues have told me that there are communities that actually support good content, regardless of the fact that, as in my case, I'm not friends with any big fish.

So I think I'll start publishing more often within Steemit. I feel motivated enough to continue creating original content.

Besides this, I was very touched when I saw the final comment of @steemitblog who wrote: "The rewards of this publication are to support the work of @fundacorazon in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon".

Things like this, are what motivate us to be better, to keep growing, to support the community in everything that is needed.

I participated only once in the challenge #the1000daysofsteem. So when I start a similar challenge again, I will participate immediately.