His hair is excellent though. I will give him that.

And to be fair Zuck is super smart and has an autistic-like charisma. He has neither. Even his guitar skills are mediocre.

Zuc is a lizard person wearing a people suit. Also, his hair is awful. It's like pubes on his head. How do you get that look?
walks into barber.
Barber- What can I do for you today?
Zuc- Fuck my life up
Barber- I got you fam.

Actually Zuckerberg has that mature college boy aura which Ned lacks somehow.
Maybe those livestreams are some good practice for him but he needs to get out and speak to real people from stages too.

Some things cannot be practised. Take for example Bill Gates. Go watch some videos of him from the 80s. The man was a natural geek. You either have it, or not.

if Zuck ran steemit, everyone here would make so much more steem... not. Will check out the recording after work. Hope things are good despite the market news

I think @ned should invest in pantsuits. They are all the rage with the kids.

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