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1000 Followers - THANK YOU! :)

in thankyou •  3 months ago

I've reached the 1000 followers milestone! While yes, I'm sure a bunch of those are "dead" accounts, it's still a big achievement in my Steemit journey. Thank you to each and every one! ^_^

As a wee celebration, I'll be giving the first ten commenters on this post a small @treeplanter upvote (presuming you have a recent-enough post I can do that on; they have a queue going as well so it probably can't be older than a few days at most). Just to say thanks for reading my blog!


I hope y'all are having a good day! Happy Caturday! >^.^<

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I congratulate you!)
It is really a big achievement!


Thank you!

Congratulations! I'm only at about 800. Not feeling very popular now. Lol.
Probably to do with the fact that I'm not really very regular with posting. A bit scattered.


No worries, I felt the same because it seemed everyone was hitting minnow at light speed compared to me, lol. We all hit the different milestones in different ways!


Very true. I hit my 1000 SP milestone recently, so I'm not complaining. Loved how you got boosted for the minnow milestone! It alerted me to what asap was doing and I was able to help with the fourth one. It's amazing what people can achieve when they work together.


I thought I would get to help with the fourth one since it had the furthest to go, but they still got it in less than a day! It's so awesome. At least I got to help with the first one! :)

Happy Caturday Phe! Nice milestone to celebrate. I have had my three obligatory half gallon cups of coffee for today, but I will help you celebrate with a freshly brewed cup of herbal blueberry tea and some homemade blueberry french toast! (all vegan and GF)

Congratulations, you're going great guns!
If I'm in the ten, could you donate the treeplanter vote to @needleworkmonday - there will be a post on Monday or Tuesday.
Thank you 😍


Thanks! And will do! :)

Congrats On This Brilliant Achievement . May You Have many more #followers.


Thank you! :)

Congrats PHE!!! <3 <3 <3


Haha, thank you!