Thanksgiving Challenge: Day Four.

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Thankfulness doesn't depend on what is in your hand, but what is in your heart. An attitude of gratitude, will make your life a beatitude.

This is in response to my darling friend; @ponmile's nomination, to list, at least three things daily, that i am grateful for, for the next seven days, on my blog. I gladly

This is the fourth day, and it keeps getting better.

Little things matter, little things we have come to accept as normal, should be appreciated.

Today, i am thankful for:

1: The delegation i received from both @sharingeverybite and @shenanigator of @tangerinetravels. I was wowed and blown away. I woke up to the chat on and i was lost for words. My heart prays for you both. This is huge for me, and massively helpful. I will never take this for granted. I have been working on building my Steem Power for a while and this is too massive a help for me. I sincerely appreciate you guys and my heart blesses you.

When God blesses you, build a longer table, rather than a taller fence.

2: Gift of men. I was around friends, that i have come to call family, again today. It was really fun; the laugh, the prayer, the wishes, the care, the "gists", etc... I appreciate it. I am not taking it for granted. It's such a rare priviledge to make people laugh and spread it. I like the fact that i make people laugh. It ease worries.

3: The opportunity to serve and hear His Word again today. Serving God requires divine Grace and i am glad to be in the midst of His people, again today, to serve and work in His vineyard, and to also learn about His Word through His set man. Always refreshing and it stirs sensitivity.

4: Playing football this evening, without having any injuries. I love running and playing football. It was with excitement i played today. I scored a penalty, i gave an amazing assist to a team mate, to score. What a good feeling. I like being involved.

5: Safe movement. Moved around today. I am glad it was an easy and safe one. Thank you Jesus. It can't be possible without you. He kept me safe all through. I am eternally indebted. Thank you Jesus.

Gratitude enlarges the heart. It creates room for more. It builds capacity. So, what are you thankful for?.

I am doing it like @papa-pepper's way. If you have something you are thankful for, just get on in this act.

Thankfulness changes your perspective. Changes the way you think and see things. Makes you think deeper and appreciate little things. It lightens up your mood, it reminds you of a better tomorrow. It gives hope. It encourages. It strengthen. It excites. It enlarges. It makes you record progress. Makes you enjoy God's best.


I wish to use this for an avatar. I could use a gif image too. Who is up for it?

I wonder why some of my pictures take the bending posture after uploading them, when they are not like that in my gallery.

Thank you for reading.

Still me,

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.


Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

I will never take this for granted. I have been working on building my Steem Power for a while and this is too massive a help for me.

You have been working tirelessly and consistently for a LONG time. It's super hard to "make it" on Steemit when you're starting from scratch and many people give up—you didn't! That takes a lot of perseverance and definitely some pep talks along the way. We know you're going to do incredible things in the world. Heck, you've already been spreading happiness to us all the way in Mexico! That's no small task.

We hope to do more to help you grow here on Steemit. If we didn't have the help of fellow Steemians along the way, who knows if we would still be here!

Keep up the hard work and continue to let your bright light shine. :)

This delights me. Thank you so much. I am definitely going to keep on. This motivation is more than enough to continue. Yes, starting from the scratch is really tough. Seen quite a few people give up along the way. Consistency is key, consistency with joy. I totally enjoy every day i spend here, and meeting you is really a massive highlight. Thank you for all you do. I am even more excited and motivated as well. Delights me to know i could bring smiles to your faces and it's such a huge honour to be with you, along the journey. It's even rare a priviledge to call you friends. You always make your posts interesting and fun, makes it adorable to continue watching you amd reading from you. As always, i look forward to more posts. group hug hahahaha

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God bless you.