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When I was younger there was this kid I knew, who copied the way I tied my shoelaces. I'm glad I didn't think abuot it too long. Flattery can be obstructive altho a little pat on your own back is better than demeaning oneself. Anyway, a friend might copy an idea and promote it to honor your idea. You think he saved me once before, I suppose I assume he wants the best. Also if you're too foolish to know the meaning of everything, you maybe just let things go. So one time I helped make up a game and someone had a name idea. Whenever someone accepts your idea, you wonder what you've started or maybe feel flattered. For me its sometimes better when they dont tell me. Anyway, I saw this kid later I think. He had a hard life, with some poverty. It's sad he'd take one of his best experiences in life to name something, but evidence later showed his name stuck. So I wish for him that the rest of his life is of a quality and fun equal to what he shared. I hope we can all build a better world, piece by piece. No other challenge is big enough. Yes this is totally cryptic, which is unlike me.