What About You?

in thanks •  4 months ago

TEACHER: What is the first thing you
do when you woke up in the
1ST STUDENT: I brush my teeth
2ND STUDENT: I polish my shoes
3RD STUDENT: I run for my fathers
bedroom and ask money for up keep
4TH STUDENT: I wash the plates
5TH: STUDENT: I sweep the yard
6TH STUDENT: I wash my face
TEACHER: What about you James,
What is the first thing you do, when
you woke up?
JAMES: The first and most important
thing I do is; I Thank God For
Protecting me during the night, For I
know it is not by my power or
cleverness that I manage to woke up.
TEACHER: Wow! Let's give him a
round of applause for he has taught
us a good lesson.
They all clapped for him.
Now You The One Reading This, If
You Know That God Needs To
Thanked For Protecting Us.
Just Take Your 15 Seconds Time and

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