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sorry for a lot mention these days:) but it is important:
I want to start new version of steemfollower as a open source project in github.
but, for new version we need new name!
Please pm me your suggested names. I will put them here for making a pull.
also, good names will get a reward:)
new version summary:

  • an upvote page such as steemit.com + follow button on the top of each post
  • dashboard for each user (includes latest posts and follow button and some balance and voting power information + votes history)
  • new register/login system. such as steemauto.com
  • new section for good contents which will promoted manually
  • new promotion tools for posts
  • ability to select which post to display
  • author search(improved version) + tag search + keyword search + reputation filter and ... in upvote page
  • improved market (will be able to put buy orders too)
  • new rules to prevent abusing system (detecting unvotes, ....)
  • improved wallet (transferring money, claiming rewards, delegating SP, ...)
  • points will converted to tokens! transferring tokens will be available.
  • reward system will be at 100% (no additional rewards)
  • and maybe (just maybe) a revenue share system for stack holders! or active users. (it is just a suggested feature, will need improvements)
  • more coming...
    Please suggest suitable names. Thanks for using steemfollower and taking care.
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