God gave us minds to think with and hearts to thank with

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Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul

In our present day and age, numerous individuals get themselves miserable. They persistently seek after bliss by attempting to satisfy their practically boundless wishes, dreams, and wants. In their reasoning, procuring more builds satisfaction. However, in spite of aggregating various substantial things, their bliss does not soar. Rather, their bliss stays at a similar level it generally was – when barring the impermanent crests in joy. 

The focal mix-up various individuals make is that they haven't figured out how to be content with what they as of now have. Rather than valuing the miracles of their lives, they generally try to seek after that which guarantees considerably more joy. 


Try not to enjoy dreams of having what you have not, yet figure up the head of the favors you do have, and afterward fortunately recall how you would pine for them on the off chance that they were not yours. 

Develop the propensity for being appreciative for each beneficial thing that comes to you, and to express appreciation ceaselessly. Also, in light of the fact that all things have added to your progression, you ought to incorporate everything in your appreciation. 

Appreciation presents veneration, enabling us to experience ordinary revelations, those otherworldly snapshots of wonder that change perpetually how we experience life and the world. 

Genuine joy is to appreciate the present, without on edge reliance upon the future, not to interest ourselves with either expectations or fears yet to rest happy with what we have, which is adequate, for he that is so needs nothing. The best endowments of humanity are inside us and inside our span. An astute man is content with his parcel, whatever it might be, without wanting for what he has not. 

The daring who spotlight on everything great and everything lovely and everything genuine, even in the little, who express appreciation for it and find happiness even in the present time and place, they are the change operators who carry fullest Light to all the world. 

Gratefulness is the start of appreciation. Appreciation is the consummation of gratefulness. Gratefulness may comprise just of words. Appreciation is appeared in acts. 

When you ascend in the first part of the day, offer gratitude for the light, for your life, for your quality. Express appreciation for your nourishment and for the delight of living. In the event that you see no motivation to express appreciation, the shortcoming lies in yourself. 

I was given such an extraordinary blessing. It's a wonder that amazes constantly me and reminding me to offer gratitude, consistently. Having a spouse and little girl gives me significantly more reason. I was significantly more narrow minded previously, however now I consider what sort of good example I'll be. I simply need to be a superior man. 

Appreciation opens the totality of life.  It transforms refusal into acknowledgment, disorder to arrange, disarray to lucidity. It can transform a dinner into a dining experience, a house into a home, an outsider into a companion. 

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