I'm afraid they won't see THIRSTEA

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No matters how tasty it is. No matters how healthier it is compared to other places. No matters you make it with all your heart.

If people don't see it, then all those really wouldn't matter.

THIRSTEA a boba tea shop I own, has already been opened for a bit over 2 weeks. It was real quiet at first that I needed to get out there myself and hand out some brochures/promo cards. Too bad, it didn't work long term.

'Is this just opened?'

Everyday, a few new customers come in and ask, 'Is this just opened?'.. It's been already 2 weeks and literally, same question every single day.

Now they will have to see it!

I tried and came up with a bit of an ideas. I changed a position of a counter to right at the front door. I had a big sticker of THIRSTEA logo printed and also, another big vinyl ready to hang.. Now they will have to see it!



Another gimmic came along with the big loco sticker, just because there's some space left so, I got a few more big and bigger cups of THIRSTEA so.. Very cute spot to take photos in the shop :)


How do I get people to know more or keep them coming to the shop?

I asked a friend who has more experience about this field more than I do. Ironically, they already are out of business, sadly. :/ Anyways, I'm just starting and would welcome all the advice from whoever seems like they know more. First and only answer I got was..

'It's all about social media. Post a lot. Everyday. Use hashtags.'

I mean, I have been posting load tons of THIRSTEA on Steem. All of you / a lot of you are elsewhere but here, in Bangkok so.. I don't think that would help much in term of business. I started to post everyday, a post a day on LINE Application, Facebook, Instagram so I can remind people who have already been here that 'Hey you, THIRSTEA still here waiting for you' and to also maybe help others to discover the places easier through hashtags / seo. I HOPE!

The video is the latest material from today.. I did a quick film with phone and quick edit..

After moving stuffs around the shop a bit and also put some big(ger) sign, I think it's picking up some locals around here. So it's been so far so good.

A small update from THIRSTEA as it's been a while (?).

I Hope to see you sometime soon! :)

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Are there any local businesses in the area? If so, offer the business a discount for any of their employees that visit and show their company badge. (Make sure the discount still allows a profit margin) Make sure to include an end date on the promo (example : before the end of November)

Oh! That's actually a good idea. I did kinda that thing but not exactly.. if I talk directly to the company, that would probably work much better.. thanks! Will see what I can do 💙💙💙

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Hey Mo! Your Thirstea shop looks amazing! I remember you showing me around when it was still a raw space. You have done so well to bring your vision to reality. I'm so impressed. You are still at the very beginning of this journey. It will take time and you will make many adjustments along the way. One by one the customers will come and then return with friends. Word will spread and one day soon you will be trying to figure out how to service all the customers instead of finding them! I can't wait to see you and Thirstea when I'm back in BKK.

Awwww thanks Chef and maybe it's true. I have been serving a lot of same faces now :D I'm glad! still need to improve a lot. Can't wait for you to come try it soon!!! :D

They see soon ... just not stop what you like to do :)
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

Thanks Koit!!! I will be as calm as.. yeah, can't think of anything lol

You can do it

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Do you have a wide angle photo of the front of the shop so we can see the shop in its context ?

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Both off this sides beside my house, abandoned houses lolol that's why I tried to capture just my own house 🙃

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You might want to make a banner above the entry doors. And maybe those panels you put on the street. Put a chain on it so no ones steals it.
download 1.jpeg

I have a 1.5 m. vinyl on the street in front of the shop :D I will hang a bigger sign soon and maybe a close-open sign at the door :D A lot of people think it's still in progress or something

Thanks Quochuy

Are you allowed to put a table and couple chairs right in front?

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Also put some thing that has lights behind the windows so that it looks nicer

Ahhh thanks a tons I will write all you advice down and improve all.. Thank you thank you so so so much :)