2 years of travelling

in #thailand3 years ago (edited)

I have travelled the past 2 years to alot of countries.
It started as an idea. I used to visit my best friend in Corfu,Greece every summer.
One day he sais to me 'next time, don't come to Corfu, we'll go to Mykonos'. I told him I have a better idea. Lets go to LA or Miami.
So in May 2016 we started planning. 4months later we booked tickets to go to Miami and Aruba.
Miami was amazing. Vibrant and amazing. Aruba was great also. Turquise seas and white sand. We got upto so many adventures!
6 months later we went to Singapore, Bangkok and Koh Samui.
6 months after that, we went to Bali, Gilli Islands and Kuala Lumpur.
6 months later, another trip to Bangkok.
The latest trip, 3 months after the last one, we went to Cuba and Mexico City.
Travelling has opened my eyes so much, seeing so many cultures and places. How people live.

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