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RE: Learn How to Exchange Litecoin into Thai Baht

in #thailand5 years ago

If this works out... I will have your babies to!! lol (if I was a woman).

one quick question...I also use bangkok bank - do I have to do anything with them?
When I tried alfa cashier, they tried to deposit my litecoin I sent to them - and came back with 'Bangkok bank declined payment'...?

( received my litecoin back, so no problem)

Thanks for all your help !


I am glad this is useful. Nothing to do with the bank. Just have the account approved in, that's all.

Hello Michel, my best friend in the world!!! I am rich now and have my money. All bills are paid and I still have more.

I made the transfer to Bangkok Bank at 4:30 am - the money arrived to the bank in less that 15 minutes and I was able to make angry people happy by paying them. All is well in Bangkok now :)

You are my son's hero - he cannot believe his computer challenged mom did this. He has always done things like this for me before. TYTYTYTYTY.

It's great feeling for us, - I'm sure is must be 100x more so for you...!

I'm glad that this worked for you even faster than for me with BKK bank. Now, you have a way to get your funds easily at ver low fees in your Thai bank. I'm happy for you.

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