German DJ found dead in a villa in Krabi

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Monday, June 11, a tourist was found dead in a luxury villa in Krabi. The unknown man was later identified by the police as the already reported as missing German DJ Christopher F. The 39-year-old tourist was found dead, his head in a green plastic bag wrapped in red tape. The police initially assumed a suicide.

The investigators continue to assume that the man died at least two days before the discovery of his body. According to the police at Ao Nang, there were no signs or signs of a fight on his body. His belongings - a notebook, his passport, credit cards and cash - remained untouched. On a desk in the room stood two glasses of water. Another plastic bag was found on the floor.

Based on further research by the Thai police, investigators in Thailand learned that the 39-year-old DJ had been missing in Hannover since 16 May. His friends and relatives were already worried about him and had already reported his disappearance to the German police in Hanover.

Despite the request of friends and relatives to contact them, the DJ apparently spent a secret holiday in Thailand and checked in on June 7 in a luxury villa in Krabi in the south of the country.

According to the hotel staff, he was last seen alive on the morning of June 9. That morning, the DJ had ordered his breakfast and had it brought to his room. This was also the day the housekeepers said they saw a "chubby Thai woman" walking to his luxury villa.

The hotel staff were also worried that they had not seen him since.

They were horrified when they checked the property on Tuesday morning and found his naked body on the bed in his villa.

According to the police, Christopher had wrapped a green plastic bag around his head, which was taped. There were also signs that he had recently ejaculated before his death.

After police told the police that they saw a plump Thai woman with pale skin on June 9, who had left his room on June 9, the officials discarded the suicide theory and are now investigating the bizarre death of the DJs. The 9th of June was also the last day Christopher was seen alive by hotel staff.

They believe that the mysterious local woman was probably a sex worker, but the police still do not know if she was with Christopher before or after his last visit.

Lieutenant Colonel Chavalit Petchsripia, the director of the Ao Nang District Police Station in Krabi Province, said that they had initially written off the death as suicide but would now investigate it further.

The chief of police said, "The original theory was that Mr. Christopher F. had committed suicide. "The investigation team is now following up on the video surveillance in the hotel," he added.

"The corpse of the DJ is also sent to Forensic Medicine to determine the exact cause of death. In the meantime, the police are also coordinating with the relatives of the DJ and informing the German Embassy in Bangkok, "he added.

The police said they found two half-full glasses of water on a table in the room. In addition, the investigators in the room also found a receipt for a roll of red tape laced around Christopher's head. The roll of tape was also still on the tape on the neck of Christopfer that she was not cut off.

Christopher's valuable belongings, including laptop, passport, credit card, and wallet, had not been stolen, and there was no sign of a violent battle or robbery, reports the police.

Lieutenant Colonel Petchsripia added: "There is a suspicion that death is related to an auto-erotic game and that it was an accident. It was semen on the body of the dead ".

"One witness also told us that they had seen a chubby woman leave the room in June. We now have to check if she was involved in the death of Christopher, "he added.

Hanover police said they had been trying to find Christopher since 23 May. They said they had searched the local hospitals and contacted the missing person to urge him to contact his friends or relatives.

They said that the rescuers had turned to a man who was describing from Christopher, and said, "We assume the man was the missing 39-year-old, but he disappeared before the local police arrived."

A spokesman for the Hanover police said in the appeal that they believed Christopher had "shaved his head and beard," which was the image of Christoper when he was photographed immigrating to Thailand.

Sources: The Thaiger, The Sun, Thailand Tip

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