Marijuana is already available everywhere in Thailand.

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Well, they weren't joking when they said that they were going to legalize it here. I thought it would be some sort of phased thing like they did when they said no one had to wear masks anymore but then it just meant outside, then it meant inside kinda, then it mean almost everywhere, then it went back to everywhere.... The usual routine.

But this time they really did mean it because basically overnight weed is available all over the place, even in supermarkets and the various people selling it online have got massive stocks of many different kinds of exotic blends with exact THC levels indicated and whether or not it is Indica or Sativa.


I love that this is happening even though I don't smoke weed and am unlikely to start doing so now. We went from a place where this stuff was illegal and there were people getting fined and even going to jail for using it, to a country where it is available literally everywhere, for what appears anyone that feels like it to buy, basically overnight.

Hell, I might even try my hand at an edible one of these days instead of going out on the weekend. I don't like smoking anything so maybe that will be my system.


The above picture was taken at either Tesco or Big C, I don't remember which but this is basically the Wal-Mart of Thailand. So when I say that the stuff is everywhere I mean it. Now before anyone gets excited that is NOT a bag of buds for 150 Baht, that would be ridiculous as it is this is less than $6. This is no doubt some gimmicky product that has almost no THC in it. I do like that next to it is a sign in Thai that kind of educates people as to what it is.

The one thing that makes me a little bit suspicious is the fact that at dispensaries, which popped up overnight, there are many different kinds of buds available including some really high end exotic stuff and there is NO WAY that they could have cooked these up in the amount of time that the drug has gone from illegal to legal. Someone was planning for this and the speed in which this product was made available nationwide suggests to me that the government had been planning on this rollout for quite some time. This is still Thailand after all and you can be guaranteed that anytime the Thai government does anything that they have self-serving interests in mind. It wouldn't surprise me if government and military personnel had been stockpiling confiscated merchandise for a very long period of time and it was actually them that made this available so quickly.

They must have made a massive windfall of money. Given what the end result was I guess you could say that I don't really care. This is still a huge step in a progressive direction for the Kingdom and I am really happy to see it happen.

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